I’m Not Complaining, But…

Just a quickie post here as I try to pack to head to GR for a couple of days with Alicia, aka Tailwagger.

I am having a clothes crisis of a grand magnitude.  I am suddenly realizing that having purged much of what doesn’t fit anymore, I am left with 5 work outfits, 2 pairs of pants that fit me now that are not work appropriate (jeans and cargo’s) and one, yes only ONE shirt that is long sleeve and Michigan winter appropriate that is NOT workout gear.

I am officially taking donations of size 24 clothes that you no longer fit you and that you want to purge yourself of forever or cash so I can go buy some things.  LOL…ok I am only slightly kidding.

Seriously, all us weight loss bloggers should start a clothing exchange.  Who can afford to purchase all the clothes necessary to get us through some major body transformations while still looking halfway decent.


OK, I am out, I need to dry my hair so we can get on the road.  We have already missed church, but we are NOT missing lunch with Aaron…


5 thoughts on “I’m Not Complaining, But…

  1. I hear you on the clothing exchange Kim. It is expensive to keep buying clothes. I still only have 3 pants for work that fit me right, and 3-4 shirts. I really want to lose this last little bit before buying any more. It is tough, really tough.

  2. I think a clothing swap is a great idea! In the meantime, have a great couple of days in GR. Oh, and try Craigslist for some cheap clothes to get you through these “interim” sizes.

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