4.2 Baby!!!!

Could this next week prove to be the end of stuckedness?  Could it be the week I get out of the 290’s?  Is it going to be the week that I significantly exceed 65 lbs lost?

After this weeks weigh in, I have great hopes that it is possible!  This morning, I officially weighed in and tonight discovered I lost 4.2 lbs since last week!   Woot!!  Woot!!I am so excited.

AND I know this next week is not going to be easy.  I have a friend coming to town and then we are travelling to GR.  All of this means that there may be more eating out than normal for me. AND less time to work out.

Alicia!  You may be going for “walks” with me or perhaps I will drag you to the gym once or twice!  I am determined that I will not gain any of this 4.2 back!  It will take work and diligence but more than that….discipline….when I just want to have fun with my friend and in GR!!

Sooo here is to another week….and here is to milestones being broken!


7 thoughts on “4.2 Baby!!!!

  1. Wow girl, that ROCKS! Before you started this journey would you ever have thought you’d lose that much weight in one week….during Thanksgiving no less?! I’m excited for you!

  2. Congratulations on a great loss! Keep up the great work, and every time you’re tempted to “stray” this week, remember how you are feeling as you report this loss. It’s better than any tempting treat!

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