Deciding On My Plan

Diane, over at Fit to the Finish had a great post today about How You Decide Which Plan to Follow.  My response was far too long for a comment so I thought I would just make my own blog post about my Aha moment.

Basically, I am not sure I had one.   I cannot recall a specific moment or time that I said, “Yes, now I am ready to lose weight!”  If anything it was a process and in reality I probably chose the worst time for an emotional eater to begin to try to lose weight.

God had been working on me all summer long (2008) on various areas of my life and I had finally stopped resisting him in some of those areas.  Namely, I agreed to look at how sexual abuse as a child had impacted my life.   I was in counseling and I had just begun this class that would walk me through my story from beginning to end.  I had inadvertently taken the summer off of whatever “plan” I had been on before and had no immediate plans to start-up again.

I had previously tried all sorts of plans. I had done Curves, and weight watchers, calorie counting and low carb diets.  I knew what needed to be done, I just didn’t want to do it, I guess.   In September as I began to watch the latest season of TBL, I decided I would try one more time, but this time, I would tell no one.  No one to watch me.  No one to hold me accountable.  No one to know if I failed again.

After 2 weeks of doing I have no idea what, I was too excited to not tell anyone.  SO I told Aaron.   He of course was quite excited and happy for me, offering to support me in any way he could.   SInce then my basic plan has been to count calories. However the specifics of that plan change all the time.  How many calories has changed as my body changes and adjusts.  How i track those calories has gone through several renovations.  Exercise was at first minimal and has increased over time.

One thing has been constant though.  I have chosen to do this.  For me. Not or anyone else. I am choosing me every day.  Not perfectly and certainly not without some major failing going on at times.   Diane is right.  The plan itself doesn’t matter.  What matters is am I making good choices every day that are going to benefit my health and vision or not.

So I guess, how I chose a plan still has not been answered.  I don’t think I chose the plan, I think it chose me as I chose me.   What has worked simply evolved as I chose to live and to live abundantly!

7 thoughts on “Deciding On My Plan

  1. I like this very, very much. Your journey was a bit similiar to mine in that the plan evolved into something that I can really continue for a lifetime.

    I love how you have allowed your plan/journey to change as it needed to, and to adapt it to your current needs.

    Wonderful post!

    • Diane! Thanks for stopping by! I wish I could say that I was as flexible as it sounds. But in reality, every transition was difficult and in many ways felt like failure to me. I have had to continually recondition myself to the fact that change does not necessarily mean failing. But….I am getting better at that! 🙂

  2. Beautiful post, Kim! I love reading how different people “decided”….all these varied paths all lead to the same result. 🙂 You not only decided, but have remained committed and that inspires me!

  3. This is the kind of story everyone needs to read. There is no “one size fits all” plan, and in fact, there is probably no one cookie cutter plan for any person. We have to be mindful of what our needs and willpower is, and adjust accordingly.

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