Really On The Way!

Those who, being really on the way, fall upon hard times in the world will not, as a consequence, turn to that friend who offers refuge and comfort and encourages the old self to survive. Rather they will seek out someone who will faithfully help them to risk themselves, so that they may endure the suffering and pass courageously through it, thus making of it a “raft that leads to the far shore.” Karlfried Durckheim

Hmmm, I was getting ready to write my post race report when a friend of mine posted this on his Facebook status.  I knew instantly that the post race report would wait for the other thoughts I have been having to be released first!

I have been in a much healthier head space lately about the whole weight loss/number on the scale thing.   Last week, I was re-reading some old posts and read my post about this time being different.  I realized that back when I wrote that, I was still trying to convince myself that it was true.  I didn’t fully believe it though, which is probably why I have repeated that phrase so many times over the last months.  I had some serious convincing to do AND I really really wanted it to be true.

As I read this post last week, I started crying because I realized with all of my being that it WAS true.  The old me would have given up by now after struggling so long to get out of this plateau.  The old me would have slinked away and gone into hiding instead of continuing to report frustrating results week after week.  The old me would have said that I am just meant to be fat and gone with that instead of trying new things and working to figure this out!

I like this new me that has emerged.

And I am ever so thankful for this journey.   I have learned a ton this past year.  I have learned to enjoy a variety of healthy activities.  I am no longer afraid to try something new that is athletic (except I still worry about skiing).   This journey has been painstakingly slow and sometimes I just wish that I could get on The Biggest Loser just so I could get rid of it quick.  But there is a bigger part of me that wouldn’t change a thing about how this has been.  Slow and steady wins the race.  And yes I will win!  No doubt about that!   (AND I am still considering applying again….I can have both, right?)

But here is what I am most thankful for.  I am most thankful that I have friends surrounding me like those described in the quote by Karlfried Durkheim.  You have heard mostly of Coach and Aaron and Adam here and how they challenge me all the time.  But my friend Jen is another one who challenges me as I watch her in her own journey to be her best self.  If I could just be like her!  There are others too, so many others, who on random occasions will say something to me that will challenge me to risk myself, for something greater! I will not turn to those who will help me rationalize or justify or excuse my behavior.  I intend to move from this place and into a greater place and that will take confrontation and discipline and courage, all things I struggle with and all things I can do/be when I know I can count on others to have my back!

I do not want friends who will let me stay in the comfortable place. The easy place. I want my friends to challenge me at every turn to go to greater heights.  Friends who will inspire and encourage me to FLY.  I do not take it for granted that I have a number of those kind of people in my life already and I plan on speaking with them each to let them know how much they mean to me and how they have impacted my journey.

If you don’t have someone like this in your life, I hope and pray you find one quick!  If you do, let them know how much they mean to you!


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