Renegades And Meatheads

I am sitting here at 1 AM, still up and yes I have to work in the morning.  However my attempt at “healthier” pumpkin pies are still in the oven.  Better to stay up late tonight finishing them for my contribution to our Thanksgiving feast than tomorrow night when I REALLY need to be in bed early!  So, I thought I would catch up on blogging!

My cool new shoes that I LOVE the look of (The Renegades) are going back to the store and because I am sooo not a shopper, I will replace them with yet another pair of the dorkomatics and start shopping for “cool” stability running shoes next time I need to get new ones.

While The Renegades make my developing sense of style feel good, they actually leave my feet feeling achy after running in them.  I have run on an indoor track several times with them as well as the treadmill.  It is as if my feet are slapping around in there so when I am running, it just is not pleasant.  So sad.  However, since I already dislike running right now, having shoes that make my feet sad will not help that situation.

Ironically, my feet are quite happy in the dorko’s.  So there comes a  time in every girl’s life that “fun” has to be sacrificed for practical.

Now for Meatheads.  So that gym membership I got a while ago has a couple locations I can use.  Of course I didn’t know this until the one I was told I had to use closed their doors on me.  So now I go to this fancy looking Powerhouse Gym.  Yep, a Powerhouse.  I kid you not at least 65% of the people I see there are very muscley men with biceps the size of my thigh!  Yes, I am intimidated there!

It took me quite a while to get comfortable at DDH in GR where people of all shapes and sizes come and they have the small little meathead section that I learned to suck it up and run past.  This is far different.  The whole place is a meathead area.  Everywhere I go there are mirrored walls with bulging biceps and men staring back at me. (YES I know they are not likely looking at me…but it sure feels like it)  I clearly do NOT belong there.

Here is what I say to that though.  Tough Dooky!  I might not have the muscle mass they have but I bet I could out last a few of them on the treadmill since they never do anything cardio related at all!!!  They might go faster, but I bet I could go longer and farther!



Letting it stop me?

Hell no!!!  As Coach says, “They can’t stop me, they can only hope to contain me!”

Pies are done.  Good night folks!  I will let you know how my healthy experiment turns out.  If it is really yummy I will share the recipe.  If not…well you will never hear another word about it!

PS How are you all planning to attack Thanksgiving?  Do you have a plan to be able to enjoy, indulge and remain healthy?  Tell me your plan?

My plan is to allow myself 400 additional calories that day.  So 2200 for the day.  I am also bringing some fruit for myself to enjoy instead of eating too many of the yummy snacks.  Apples and Banana’s are my friend.  I also plan on filling 2/3 of my plate with whatever veggie we are having, then anything else I want will have to fit on the rest of the plate.  I am only filling my plate once!

Here is to a healthy Thanksgiving!  I am incredibly thankful for this past year and all it has held for me!  But that is another post and I have already said goodnight!


4 thoughts on “Renegades And Meatheads

  1. Kim, I am sorry to hear about the shoes. The best decision I have ever made on shoes was to visit a professional running store. They put me in the perfect shoe for my foot. Oddly enough, it hurt the first few times I wore it. After calling the store, the advised me this was normal and to give it a couple of days. They were right, since that point I have loved them. It sounds as if you have already given these some time, so it is time to return them. Did you get them at a running store? If not, you should consider visiting one.

    • Steve, yeah that is how I got the dorkomatics in the first place. Which is also why I should have jsut stayed with them…but I really wanted to try a flashier looking shoe….figured if I could have the stability I need AND they can look cool why not!! I gavew it a good 6 runs before I returned them. It’s all good, my feet are happy in the dorko’s even if my girlness is not!

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