Something To Look Forward To

I am still here.

Still Plateaued.

Still not giving up.

Still writing…if only in my head.

Here are some things I hope to get out of my head soon.

  • Artichokes
  • The Renegades (shoes)
  • The Meathead Gym
  • This damn Plateau and my ever changing plan to beat it into outerspace!
  • Going Big or Going Home…the 10K Turkey trot, the fear and trembling I have about it, my current hatred for running, and anything else to do with this subject that comes up between now and the posting.
  • This time is different….new thoughts on the matter.

Have a great day!  I am off to spend some time with some children!


5 thoughts on “Something To Look Forward To

    • Steve, I have come too far, accomplished too much, battled too many demons to give up now…just figuring out how to do it all and prioritizing my time…I do however miss blogging every day…I hope to one day soon be able to write daily again!

  1. Artichokes???????????????

    I am on a plateau too and it seems to be a never-ending one. Everytime I think everything is going good something slows me down again. I’m not giving up either.

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