Bye Bye Dorkomatics And Other Blips

Some of you may remember back  when I got my first pair running shoes and how I HATED them at first!  They were awful looking, they were heavy and clunky and I couldn’t run in them like I had been able to run at first.  It took a good week for me to get used to them and even still, I did not LOVE them.  They worked.  They provided the stability my feet needed.  But they were ugly.

Well, I am quite certain they have reached their limit in their ability to support me.  While I have not officially logged how many miles I have put on them, I am certain their life expectancy is up.  Since I am taking a running class at the local running store (oh shoot I haven’t blogged about that yet, have I), I also get a discount there on anything I buy.  Fortunately for me, they had at least 6 or 7 brands of stability shoe for me to try and I found one I liked. Correction.  I loved!

wave renegade1

Mizuno Wave Renegade

wave renegade2







These are my new shoes, the Renegade.  Sounds fierce doesn’t it?  I love them.  They feel like I have slipped on a sock.  And they are much lighter than the Dorkomatics.  I cannot wait to take them out for a run tomorrow night!  While they are still blue and white, at least they are a dark blue…I would prefer a bright green though!  I guess shoe makers don’t think that people who need stability shoes will care about the looks of the things!

In other news, I have succumbed to the almost weekly badgering from Coach to get a home scale.  I bought one today.  But then I weighed myself for the first time on it AFTER I ate.  Ridiculous.  Never do that!  It will always appear discouraging!  So my first weigh in on it will be in the morning, then I am not getting on it again until Tuesday.  I know, I can hardly believe I caved on my stance on this.  But what can I say, except I plan to use it in conjunction with my weekly weigh in at the Dr.s office.  And I promise, the minute I get crazy about it, the thing is GONE!!!

One last thing.  I said I planned on doing the 10K Turkey Trot in Detroit on Thanksgiving a while back.  Well, with my new job and all the adjustments, I got really behind on my running schedule and have been fearing that I wouldn’t be trained enough in time to do it.  I went to my running class tonight and my instructor thinks it is still doable as long as I don’t skip any more running days, especially after my really good run tonight.  So I am giving myself one more week and if I still feel like I can do it, then I will sign up for the 10K…and if not, then I sign up for the 5K.  My cousin Thomas is going to be in town and will be running it with me.  So excited!


6 thoughts on “Bye Bye Dorkomatics And Other Blips

  1. I haven’t given a whole lotta thought to the running shoes. I just think shoes (any) are uncomfortable. I am one of those people that the first thing I do when I get home is shed the shoes. I guess I need to check out some different brands and see which ones work best for me.

    That is too cool that your cousin will be running the 10k with you. My husband is doing the 5k with me on Sunday and I am so pumped up about it. I hope we both like it and want to keep doing them. I believe I will but I don’t know about him… he isn’t as into it as I am.

    • Liesia,

      A good pair of runnign shoes is essential if you are going to run. It will seriously help prevent injuries to your feet/legs if you are fitted properly. Go to a running store and get fitted…seriously!

  2. I think it’s awesome that you found such a great pair of shoes. I can’t wait till I start running and need to find my own.

    Leisia, I am the same way when I get home. My shoes come off followed by my bra. (tmi? lol)

  3. I am also not a lover of shoes. In fact, I have considered walking barefoot in the spring and summer – not sure why I haven’t done this yet. Anyhow, I bought my first pair of running shoes about a year ago and I don’t regret it. I was suffering from shin splints, and the running shoes made things all better. Of course, it helps now that you have some which are more visually appealing too.

  4. The shoes are up for debate at this time folks….I have been able to run indoors with them twice now and I am not sure Ilove them….I may have to go back to the dorkomatics….a fresh pair that is…we shall see…I am giving it another couple of runs before I decide! Until then, if I run outside I am using my old pair…once the REnegades go outside, I am committed!

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