Two Weeks of Weigh In’s

I have to say, I am at a loss as to what is happening with my body.

Two weeks ago, I finally seemed to shift out of survival mode as I adjusted to working again and after a week of diligent work, I lost 2 lbs.  I felt good.  No, I felt great!  I knew it wasn’t a flook.  I knew I had finally managed to do the work for a week straight and the results were showing.  In my text message/report in to Coach and Aaron I said that perhaps this is the turning point for me.

This past weekend I was with Aaron, Adam and ABS heading to go Mt. biking (another blog post) when I realized I have been doing great again.  I felt good and I turned in my seat and told Aaron. “This could be the week!”

He knew instantly what I was referring to (which actually shocked me, because I said this out of the blue) and said, “It better be!”

What I was referring to is finally breaking out of the 290’s but more than that losing MORE THAN 65 lbs and breaking this barrier I seemed to be at all summer and fall.

I woke up early Tuesday morning (yesterday) super excited to go weigh in and see how bad I killed it.  I mean seriously, all week, I didn’t eat any of mom’s meals.  I made a whole bunch of chicken and vegetables and ate that in wraps or over rice all week-long.  The only “bad” eating I did was one day in GR I ate two meals out with the boys, but seriously that is all I ate all day except an apple and I feel like I made pretty decent choices.  And on that same day I ran and Mt. biked and had been able to road bike the day before.

So with all of that, I was excited.  I could hardly wait to NOT send a text to Coach and Aaron but to call them instead at 7:30 AM shouting from the rooftops the good news I had to report.

I stepped on the scale and what appeared before my eyes was shocking.  Unexplainable. Disappointing. I gained 3.2 lbs.  I do not understand.  Coach thinks I should seek professional weight loss help. I agree.   As soon as my insurance kicks in of course I will be seeing my doctor for a full workup.  But that is not until February.  I would hope that this would break before then.  Until then, I will have to be diligent in record keeping so that I have proof to show her what I am doing or not doing.

Oddly, I am disappointed, but I am not feeling crushed.  In some ways I feel kind of numb about it.  Detached in a way.  I know I just need to keep on with what I know to be true.  Consistent exercise and watching my caloric intake and eating healthy and doing healthy things will lead to a healthy body.

And as Aaron has said in the past and Adam has so kindly reminded me oh so recently, the scale is not the only measuring stick…so stay tuned to hear more about my second time cheating on Sasha Fierce.

4 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Weigh In’s

  1. That has to be so frustrating. Could it possibly be water weight or bloating from that TOM? Or maybe you gained some muscle? Here’s hoping for happier results next week!

    • I don’t think so Josie, but I suck at tracking those things and sooo I have no idea. I doubt it though cuz I am not moody. I dont really do muscle building things, mostly cardio so I doubt it is muscle gain. but definitely some sort of water retention…I went back today and lost 2 of that in one day….crazy!

  2. I agree, the scale is not the only measuring stick. Remember, the scale is a fierce, cruel master. It lies, it cheats, it will destroy you if you let it. But if you stand up to the scale, put it in its place, the scale with set back and do its job. Sure, it may scream and make all kinds of noise, but it knows you are in control.

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