Advice from Adam

You all have heard me mention my friend Adam from time to time.  He is the guy I used to do all sorts of classes at the Y with me when I lived in GR and we were unemployment buddies for the last year and a half together.  He is also Aaron’s little brother.   We have known each other for about 5 years, ever since I first met Aaron, but we have become friends ourselves in the last 2. He is like a little brother to me and it fits because he is the same age as my real little brother.  In true little bro fashion, he doesn’t often go to the deeper levels with me (although he does listen to me and read this blog regularly), but rather his sharing is more on a technical/fun level.  Issuing challenges, advice on form or technique or simply doing the activities with me.  He has years of  experience playing sports, so while he is not an expert, he does have a lot of practical experience.

Last week sometime, I was wondering what the heck this kid thinks when he read my blog, particularly when I write about the harder stuff or the struggles I am having.  We had a great conversation and I won’t share HIS heart with you as it is not mine to share, however, he said something to me while we were talking about the scale again that has settled into my brain.

He said to me that while the struggles are real, I seem to write more about that than about the victories I am having.  Things like Mountain Biking or running (the good runs).  Instead I have been focusing on the struggle with getting beyond 65 lbs.  He basically told me that there are other measures besides the scale to measure my health and I need to remember to focus on those when the scale isn’t telling me everything.  The scale is not the only voice to be heard in the measurement world. (yes I paraphrased his words!)

While the scale will indicate the number, over the summer I seemed to forget that whole health includes things besides the scale…like the things I can do now, mentally, physically and emotionally.

So, hopefully you will all begin to see a new mix up in my blogging as I refocus (again) on whole health.

Thanks Little Brother!  You have no idea what our conversation meant to me…or that you would be the featured friend of the week or that your words had such an impact, did you?!  I sure am gonna miss you while you are away in UT!

BTW, Adam is gonna be a ski patroller out west this winter.  He had previously told me he wanted to teach me to ski(he even added it to my goal list!)…well that is out of the question now…unless I go to UT.  What do ya think?  Should I go learn to ski on a real mountain instead of the recycled MI trash heaps?


5 thoughts on “Advice from Adam

  1. Kim–come to UT. Then you could visit me AND learn to ski on a real mountain!

    I tend to write (or did when I had a blog) more about the struggles too. It’s hard not to make them the focus, but I love this advice. I’ll be trying to focus more on the victories too.

  2. “The scale is not the only voice to be heard in the measurement world. ”

    I love that, Kim! You are so blessed to have such a strong network of support in Aaron and Adam!

    • Thanks Josie, yes, I am blessed, I am very aware and thankful for who God has placed in my life. The only unfortunate thing is that because of men like Aaron, Adam and COach in my life, any guy I would ever be interested in has a very high quality standard to meet, because I KNOW that level of quality exists! HAHA Guess that isn’t so unfortunate…

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