The Weigh In And The Scale

Last week, after I lost 1 LB, you might recall me being pretty disappointed and that I was considering giving up my weekly weigh in’s and going to monthly ones because of how I am relating to that number.  Well, this week I knew I had to weigh in because of another commitment I have and so what ever I decided wouldn’t start until after this week.

I headed to my weigh in before work and felt pretty confident about what would show up on the scale.  My calories and exercise were right on plan all week long so I wasn’t worried or anxious.  I was shocked to see the number read out and find that I had GAINED 1.8 lbs.  I stepped off, got back on to check it again then I walked out.  I could hear Aaron in my head telling me that my goal is whole health and if I did what I was supposed to do and still gained, to not worry. (my summary of his words in the past)  Truth be told though I wasn’t overly concerned.  I knew my number had gone up but couldn’t remember my number from the previous week, so I was not aware that it was almost 2 lbs until I asked the guys how much of a gain it was.  It was when I found out that I was shocked and really concerned.

All day long, I kept reminding myself of all the changes that have occurred that are evidence of whole health and weight loss, despite the number.  Things like, running 5K on a regular basis or the fact that ALL of my old work clothes need to be altered to fit me or all the changes I see when I stand in front of a mirror like the dimples that are beginning to peek out in my cheeks.  Despite all of this, I kept going back to the number.

I do not like that I have become fixated on the number.  That is NOT the totality of what this journey represents for me.  It is NOT the way I am gonna get to “beautiful”.  I became pretty certain I was going to give up the weekly weigh ins because of what the scale has been doing to my head, but I was still concerned about not having that weekly feedback.  I, of course talked to Coach and Aaron to make sure my head was on straight about this and that I wasn’t just looking for a way to run in this area and I decided.  I am not going to weigh in again until the beginning of November.

Since then I have discovered another demon that needs to be beat back and beat down and basically run out of town.  Procrastination.  I work best and most efficiently with firm deadlines.  I know this.  This is why I signed up for a 10K.  It will keep me on track and focused on working out/training/running.  However, knowing that I do not have to face that scale and that weekly deadline seems to have given me license to slack a little on the eating front.  I would like to say that my eating went off track because my schedule was crazy and that I did the best I could.  However, I KNOW that this week, I consciously thought, well I can have THIS because I have more time to work it off.  I can also say, that most of the time, it was good and solid.

So, now my head is thinking I SHOULD weigh in weekly…because of the deadline thing.  I don’t know what I am going to do.  Perhaps I need to give myself more than 1 week of trying this before I start changing things up again.  Thoughts/Comments/Ideas welcome…I am certain I am not the only one who thinks like I do and has faced this before!


14 thoughts on “The Weigh In And The Scale

  1. Kim, I know it SUCKS to not see the results on the scale. You have come so far – just keep your eye on the horizon and don’t let the scale screw up your head. You have just started a new job and are still figuring out your schedule. Don’t worry.

    Oh – and I sent in my stuff to Matt too, so thanks for telling me about that.

    Big hugs,

  2. I am a big fan of weighing in weekly, although I know others are just the opposite.

    The thing is, just as you said it, as long as you are doing the right things, don’t let the scale beat you up. The numbers WILL come if you are doing the right things. The NSVs are much greater anyhow. I like them better than a stinking ole’ number anyway!

  3. I can totally understand the whole “I can eat this because I have more time to work it off” thing. I do that too. Even sadder… I do it even with my weekly weigh-ins. My train of thought lately up until Monday morning, the day before weigh-in, is that I have time to work it off. Then I get up monday morning and think “omg, what have I done? I don’t have time to fix it before weigh-in”. So I definitely think it is important to weigh-in every week. I think I may need 2 weigh-ins a week until I get straightened out.

    You have come so far. I love the profile picture you have up now. It shows a drastic change in you. Keep it up….you know you can do it.

    • Thanks Leisia, I just saw a pic of myself that my sister in law took as I watched my nephew dance. At first glance I was like “who is that girl, she looks familiar” Then I realized it was me! HA!

  4. I’m not sure if I can be of any help since I’m only on week 2 of my journey. I’ve actually been weighing in daily, which I know is discouraged. I’m only posting my weekly results though. My daily ones are mostly just out of curiosity and because I think it’d be cool to have a solid year’s worth of weights day by day. (I’m OCD like that) I told you I wouldn’t be much help…LOL

    I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer, just to do whatever works best for you…I’m confident you’ll figure out what that is. You’ve come so far, and to being able to run 5ks trumps a weight gain ANY DAY in my opinion!!

  5. Like I said before Kim, go daily! Once in the morning once at night. Not so much to try to see results from day to day but just to be in a routine and the more you do it the less important and controlling each one will be. If you go to once a month that one weigh in will have more pressure and importance than it should. I’m sure you will go a little crazy at first but you will get so used to it that it will feel like nothing after awhile. Either way you choose in my opinion isn’t going to make a difference in the weight lose the scale doesn’t lose the weight you do! See you Friday!

    • Whoa….Adam, I do believe this is your first ever comment!!! What you are saying here makes some sense. I will have to consider this angle. If I do this though it will mean buying a scale for my house…I didnt think about the significance a monthly WI would have in my head…ugh so much to consider. Thanks!

  6. For me once a month would not be an option. I would slack off way to much. If I knew I didn’t have to weigh in until the 1st then from the last WI to like the week before the next one I would be “cheating” with my food thinking “oh I have until XYZ to get it off” I actually weigh twice a week. Once on my normal day, which is my official day, and then again later in the week just to see how I am progressing. If that number isn’t where I want it to be then I to see what I am doing and adjust so that my official WI day isn’t a gain. Now mind you this doesn’t always work but in my mind it’s a good stratgey. Remember my mind is warped too.

  7. Hi beautiful! Lisa and I just read this together. Lisa suggests you weigh in on the 1st and 15th of the month. =) Hugs and hugs from the both of us.

    • hmm..first of course anyone who calls me beautiful will get approved for a comment. Scond, love your profile pic! Love the hair. Third…that woman hasn’t read in months! Glad you are there, perhaps she will get in the habit! Does she have a rationale for the first and 15th?

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