Falling Behind

So much to say, no time to say it.  Just a quickie…Job=great.  Food=great.  Exercise=not starting out this new work week so hot but gonna rectify that tonight, just poor planning on my part.  Blogging=not so great…no idea what is going on with you all and I have not written anything new in about a week.  Most of last weeks post had been in the works already.  Retelling=still pondering that one and how it is going.

Must go to work now.

7 thoughts on “Falling Behind

  1. I’ve really been struggling with the blogging too. so much I want to say. So many I want to read. Not enough time to do anything justice. Frustrating.

    On a happy note–congrats on the job! I’m glad you are liking it. Things will even out for both of us soon, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Thanks guys, I do recognize that my priority when work is done is exercise and planning for the next days meals and what not so as to set myself up for success, BEFORE I get to blog or do other stuff…and yet I also recognize that blogging has been a great tool for me…sooo it is finding the balance. I am sure it will come.

  3. You got that right! I guess there are a few of us that are struggling with the blog aspect of our lives. And long as we don’t give up and do what we can, that’s important. Our health and well being is or #1 priority, Well work is too because that will sure help with the other aspects of our lives. I am just so glad that you have been blessed with a job and it will surely enhance your life and maybe make it a bit easier as well. I also want to thank you for your awesome comment about my blogging. 🙂 By the way I love this picture you have on here. You are looking GREAT! Well off to other blogs so I can try to catch up some. Thanks so much for everything 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your new job!
    Are you working in Detroit or GR?
    I hope you start to feel a good groove with work and exercise. I’m sure you will figure out what works best with your new schedule.

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