The Climb

I wasn’t gonna write this one….

About a month or so ago I was watching the Hannah Montana movie with my niece.  I had promised her we would watch a movie and she got to pick.  In my mind, I knew it would end up being this one or the Jonas Brothers concert video (oh to be 9 again!) but I was hoping that perhaps she might pick something different and surprise me.

I got surprised though when at the end, this song was sung, by the latest Disney role model for all people age 7-11 years old, and I found myself tearing up as I listened to the lyrics.  I know.  Don’t laugh at me.  It is a song sung by a girl who lives a double life and is struggling to figure out who she is as she navigates this journey through life.  Hmm that sounds familiar somehow.

Anyway, here is the song.  I was gonna put the official video up, but that video(in all its cheesy-ness) just discounts the power of the lyrics, so you get this really plain one with scrolling lyrics only instead.


7 thoughts on “The Climb

    • Did you LISTEN to the song LEanna!!! Might reflect what you are going through in life too…open your mind a bit…I is Hannah -Miley Montana-Cyrus…..but still Girl’s got some good stuff to say….or DIsney does anyway!

  1. As a mom to two girls ages 10 and 13, trust me, I know this song! heh, that’s the great thing about music, no matter what the genre, it has the ability to touch people in a way nothing else can. I like your comparison to the girl living a double life trying to figure out who she is…never thought of this song from that perspective before!

  2. I teared up when I heard this song in the movie too. And wasn’t that an awesome movie?! I dreaded taking my daughter to see it because I really thought I would be bored sitting thru it. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it, and she does have some good songs.

  3. Haha this post made me laugh out loud! This is so funny because I know exactly what you mean! The first time I heard this song, I was like “wow, these lyrics are pretty good…sort of touching!” As a result of this, her new song “Party in the USA” made it to my run mix, LOL! Love this post 🙂

  4. THANK YOU Ladies for validating me and my appreciation for this song…unlike Leanna who must be far too cool at 17 to appreciate it! (love you Leanna!) heheheh

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