Obtaining a Bike-Part 1

You all know that I now have a bike because you have read about the hilarity of my fall.  However, you don’t know yet how I came to get this bike!  Here is the story.

Pretty quickly after the Girl’s Best Friend Triathlon in August, I knew that I would most definitely be doing a full triathlon in 2010.  I had thought it before and even said it out loud, but when I crossed the finish line, I KNEW that I wanted to and WOULD be doing one.  The problem.  I didn’t have a bike and no money to get one at this point.

However, I have a dad.  A dad who likes to shop and buy things he doesn’t really need or use.  It is not uncommon for my dad to have 2-3 of everything he owns.  I knew he had at least one bike, so it was not a far off thought to think he might have a 2nd or even a 3rd that perhaps I could borrow until I am able to buy one of my own.  I called dad and asked.  He launched into a long discussion about how he might consider it but there are many factors that go into riding a bike such as fit and sizing and what not.  All of these things I knew and in an ideal world I would of course want a bike that fits perfectly, but this was a short term fix to a problem.  An hour later, yes, an hour, the end result was, yes he does have multiple bikes but he is not sure they would fit me, so ultimately, no.

Not a problem.  I was disappointed somewhat because all it would have taken was for me to come over and try it out to see if it would even work in the short term, but he wasn’t interested in that.

Two days later I was in GR, doing the Friday Night Tri.  During the Tri, my dad called and texted multiple times as though someone had died and I needed to be reached immediately!

Side note:  When most people call/text like that, it usually indicates some sort of emergency.  Not so with dad.

So needless to say, when I got back and finished the post race dinner that happens and saw all the missed calls and texts, I was already a little irritated.  I called him back though.  He wanted to know what I was doing on Saturday.  He proceeded to tell me that I needed to go to a bike shop (the most reputable one, of course) in GR and get fitted for a bike.  He proceeded to tell me all the different measurements he wanted/needed.  He also told me that I needed to try multiple bikes, specifically one with drop handle bars to see if I like it.

After 15 minutes or so of this, I still had no idea what was going on other than there is some sort of urgency to me being at a bike shop when they open in the morning.  Perhaps he is trying to find out the hard way whether one of his bikes will fit me?  I finally was able to interrupt him enough to ask.  Why am I jumping through these hoops like this?  He said that he didn’t think his bikes would fit me, but REI is having a sale on bikes (Labor Day Weekend) and he was willing to buy me one!  He needed to know what size frame, etc, I would need.  But because the Sale ended Monday, he needed to know my sizing right away.

Well alrighty then!  So much for sleeping in on a Saturday morning.  🙂  Carol and I went to a local bike shop based on the recommendation of Coach and because Carol knows the family who owns it.

While I was excited about the prospect of getting a bike, I was not sure what all was involved in getting fitted for a bike.  So I was a little nervous.  Not to mention the fact that, this sales guy is going to spend a lot of time with me and there is no way he is getting a sale.  Dad is set on REI.  This fitting is just for reference.

After talking to 2 sales guys and actually riding a real road bike, I decided I liked the idea of dropped handle bars and loved the feeling of flying with very little effort!  I was officially super excited about a new bike.  It was determined that I needed to have a frame that is 51-52 cm.

So after another hour long conversation with dad, rehashing all that the bike guys said and telling him I needed a 51-52 cm bike, he said he would be going to REI to get one.  On Labor Day, while eating sushi with friends he called twice to tell me what bike he got and all the details and of course he wanted to know what my cycling friends thought about it…aka Coach and anyone else I know that races.

6 days later…The plan is that on Monday I will go to REI and pick up the bike.  No problem.  On Saturday I spent the day with Adam doing really important things like watching Coach in his triathlon, napping first on the couch, then by the pool, learning all about UofM football and learning when to cheer or boo and when it is ok to talk to a man watching such a game and not, running and oh eating dinner.

During the running portion of the day with Adam (really he was killing me! He is worse than Coach I think!), dad had called my phone and texted again, repeatedly and got my mom and cousin to text/call as though someone were dying again.  Needless to say, I was going into this conversation with him slightly annoyed because of his method of reaching me, when it is NOT an emergency! (One call/1 text is sufficient.  I will call you back!)

Talked to dad, for quite a while.  He was asking all these random questions.  DO I have gloves?  Helmet? Air Pump? Special shoes with clips? Lights?  Horn?…Wait what?  A Horn?  “Dad, I don’t need a horn!”

He proceeds to tell me about how he almost got ran off the road a couple times until he bought this special horn from the hardware store that is really loud.  It is made to go on boats. It is a FOG HORN!  Ummm no.  I am not putting a horn of any kind on my bike, especially a fog horn.

Finally, I ask why he wants to know all this stuff and he tells me he is trying to figure out what he will be buying when he meets me to pick up the bike tomorrow.  Oh.  Well…I thought I was just going, but ok.  Well, I have a helmet.  That is all that I NEED at this point.  I will get more stuff later.  But for now, I gotta go.  I had already been on the phone for at least 25 minutes and Adam and I were trying to make dinner at (9PM at night!) and we were both starving!

Stay tuned for THE STORE


4 thoughts on “Obtaining a Bike-Part 1

  1. Hilarious. I know people who call incessantly like that. I have a bike that I’ve never ridden. Not even once. I never even thought to get “fitted”. I have so much to learn. Looking forward to the rest of your story.

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