Where I run

These pictures are from my preferred place to run.   The state park trails near my house.

roads 002

roads 004

roads 005

roads 006

This particular trail is a one mile loop around this marsh.  I do this trail when my goal is a distance specific run.  Which means most Saturdays or Sundays from now until Thanksgiving, I will be on this trail.  The other days I run during the week will be a time specific run, so I will be able to run around randomly in the forest and likely get lost!

roads 007

roads 008It doesn’t matter if I start thinking about running at 8 AM or 4 PM, I can’t seem to propel my butt out there until at least 6:30 PM.  Which means as fall comes on, it gets darker and darker on my runs.  I think I need to get a headlamp for my runs since usually by the time I finish, it is pretty dark beneath the canopy of forest!

roads 010

roads 011


10 thoughts on “Where I run

    • Yeah I know…I think I am HYPER aware of all that can happen…I try to get out of the woods before it gets too dark…I need to time it better. Ironically I find myself more nervous running at night in my neighborhood lately than I do out there in the state park!

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