First Real Ride=First Fall(s)

She's like the wind!

She's like the wind!

Tonight I took my new bike out for its first real ride with  my friend Nicole.  Our plan was to go to Kensington and back.  If we made it all the way, it would have been a 17 mile ride.  We made it 15 miles because it was getting dark.  The link shows our ride route.

We start out riding and I have to say, I am loving a road bike!  I feel like I am flying with very little effort put forth.  I can only imagine how fast I can go when I get really comfortable and really start putting a lot of effort into this!  Pretty quickly I realize I am leaving Nicole in the dust, so I slow down.

We rode through our little town and eventually met up with the bike path that would take us to one of two really nice parks.  We were riding West at about 6:30 PM, so the sun was in our eyes the whole way and since both of us are blind without our glasses we were not wearing sunglasses.  (Yes, I am aware that I can get prescription sunglasses.  On the list, just further down on the priority list)

We were approaching an intersection and I reached down to loosen my strap on my one foot so that if I needed to actually stop I could.  As I got close I was able to squint through the blinding sun and see that I had the green light.  I do know from other peoples stories that a green light doesn’t mean jack when on a bike and I still need to watch out closely for Number 1!  I sit up from trying to reach my strap (which I have been unsuccessful at reaching.  (You know, when reaching down to unstrap on a spin bike, you can reach much further without feeling unbalanced at all…and without going “off-road”)  I start to pedal to cross the street when I realize there is a truck starting to turn left, so I hesitate.  He hesitates.  I start to go, he starts to go.  Neither one of us knows what the other is doing since we are both hesitating so much.

At this point I am barely moving and the truck gave up waiting on me.  I frantically began trying to reach my strap or wiggle my foot out or SOMETHING.  No luck.  Very slowly I felt myself going over.

My thoughts were this.

“Quick, put your hand out, break your fall!”

“No don’t do that!  The bike store guy said if I do that I could break a wrist!”

“protect your head!”

“Dummy! You have a helmet on!”

“Ohhhh Thank God I have a helmet…don’t resist the fall…relax.  It is happening no matter what!”

Ok, all of this happened from approaching the intersection all the way through my thoughts in about 15 seconds.  I fell over.  Clunked my head.  Helmet’s good though.

Nicole came up behind me to find I am NOT crying but laughing hysterically.  This was all so comical.  Especially since both feet were still tightly strapped in…and I was trying to protect my bike from injury as well…instead of keeping my legs to the side…I had them up in the air…so my bike was on me, instead of me being on it!  She unstrapped me and we went on our merry little way…laughing the whole time.

As slow as the fall happened for me…it happened slow motion for her too as she watched!

I decided right then, that a re-creation would happen for the blog when we reached the park so we could take pictures.

A re-creation was unneccessary.

Later as I was heading up a small hill, I failed to anticipate shifting gears early enough and when I realized it, I was going to slow and hard to do so…I came to a slow stop…fully strapped in again.  Nicole was ahead of me this time and heard…

OH!…OH!OH!OH!…Not agaiiinnnn!!!! Thud!

She turned around to find me laying in the grass with the bike on top of me again.  She asked if I was ok…then said..stay right there, I will take pictures.  And that is how I got these!

Unposed Fall photo. At least this time I got to land in grass!

Unposed Fall photo. At least this time I got to land in grass!

Posed-after legitimate fall to look like the earlier fall!

Posed-after legitimate fall to look like the earlier fall!

In addition to these great pictures…I also have a bruised elbow!  Better than a broken wrist though!


7 thoughts on “First Real Ride=First Fall(s)

  1. I have tears in my eyes from laughing at this one! Hahahha! It reminds me of a year ago when I was riding my cruiser, which is gearless, and was trying to get up a very small, but steep hill. I got nearly there and totally stopped. I couldn’t keep my balance and fell right over. I laughed and laughed. I must have looked like such a doof.

  2. I love your great attitude about things. You seem like you would really be a fun person to be around.

    A couple of years ago my wife decided to ride one of my children’s scooters. It had large inflatable wheels on it, made for riding in the grass. She took off on the road and then headed into the grass, never thinking that the bottom of the scooter would drag on the side of the road. She ended up doing a face plant into the yard. Of course, I didn’t dare laugh that day, but it was kind of funny. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt.

  3. I never did understand the purpose of strapping your feet into the bike. To me it is like riding a motorcycle with a seat belt. That would kill you in even the small crash Just seems the same with the bake foot straps

    • Yes, I have been convinced now, based on experience that the special shoes with clips (actually called clipless) are the way to go. Will definitely be getting some.

  4. I have to say your story was a bit funny and I love your pictures. I know when I first got my bike the same thing happened to me as well. Especially at stop signs. I have clip on shoews and you have to turn them in order to get the shoes off the pedal. I like the concept but when one forgets it’s down I go and I had some pretty banged up knees and elbows as well. So join the crowd 🙂 so it looks like we are not until runners but bikers as well. You really are expanding your exercise prgram and that is so nice to hear. I am way proud of you for all the new steps your’re taking.

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