More Of This And That

I opened my eyes.

MMMM I want This!

Your not having This, You can have That!

But I can have This just this once, I was good all of last week and I have all week long to work it off.

Yes, you have been good all last week, and the scale wasn’t your friend either.  Besides last week is, well it is in the past.  It is over.  Finished.  You have to work extra hard if you really want to lose what you gained and then some. Here have That!

But seriously, it is the beginning of my week, I can have This and be fine!

Sure, sure, that attitude has likely been keeping you hovering where you have been hovering.   I thought you said you were done hovering.

I am done hovering, I just want this, this morning.

Too bad, have That!


Go ahead, call me names…get mad, whatever.  Doesn’t matter to me.  But if your not careful, perhaps it will be time to remove this AND that from the options for a bit, and see what you will prefer then.

A fast?!  You are threatening a fast?

Well, it works when your cravings get out of control doesn’t it?  Just know this.  I will do whatever it takes so that THAT wins.  Every time.  Don’t underestimate me.

Just one bite?

No.  Last chance.  Have That…or else.

Fine.  GiveItToMe!  Then I am going back to bed, maybe I will wake up in a different head space, if not, maybe I will take you up on the threat of a fast!

**mumbling stupiddumblongassprocessnothinggetstojustbeeasybutIwon’tquitOhHELLno!Notgettingbeat! I’mNOT!Goingbacktobedthenwillputmyassonmybikelaterandrideuntilmybuttbleeds thenmaybeIwillruntoo!


5 thoughts on “More Of This And That

    • Yeah, it is just about everyday here too…but sheesh who wants to read This and That everyday…so so far only two posts dedicated to this or is it that?

      I suspect all of our heads get filled with this or that all the time!

  1. OMG I have that conversation EVERYDAY.. I always say ‘it’s one bit” or “if I have it now I have xxx days to work it off” yeah right!

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