Mr. Bean

Last Friday night, I went to the Friday Night Triathlon thing again since I was in GR and it was the last one of  the season.  I was excited to go and a little bit more nervous because this time, the one person I knew last time, would not be there.  Oh well, I can’t be comfortable all the time now can I.

I swam the distance in 21 minutes.  It was just under a half mile swim.  I was pleased with this…last time I did the Friday Night Tri, I did this swim in 25 minutes.

Then I moved on to the run.  Last time I did this run, I had never run 3 miles straight.  Since then I have been able to do that distance straight.  Heading into this, I really wanted to be able to run the whole thing, which would be a challenge given the number of hills there are.  Plus, it is a 3.5 mile course.

I started out, not being able to even run up the first big hill that started the course off, but I ran and walked it.  Once I got to the top, I started running steady through the apple orchard, to the road, and beyond.  My other goal in this run was to NOT get passed by the other racers who were doing all 3 legs so early in the game.  Last time, I got passed before the turn around point!

As I ran, I kept looking behind me for the runners.  I got to the turn around point and started back and still had not seen any runners and still hadn’t stopped running!  I was sooo doing this.  I was grinning!  I was excited.  I was coming down a hill that I had just climbed and suddenly a scene from Rat Race filled my head and I started laughing!

Picture the beginning of the movie when the racers are sent out and all the contestants are all in a pile in the stairwell.  Mr. Bean comes running down the stairs with a  huge grin on his face saying…

“It’s a race!  I am winning!  I am winning!  It’s a race!”

Yeah, I was running down the hill, with no other runners in sight laughing and grinning saying, “it’s a race, I am winning!”

3 minutes later, I saw a runner approaching!  But who cares, I was already further that I was last time and he still wasn’t passing me as he had not reached the turnaround point yet!

In the end, I got passed by everyone and it took me an hour to run it, but who cares.  I did it and I improved  from last time.  That is all that matters!

This journey towards health is a race….and I am winning!!!

Just forget about the fact that Mr. Bean has narcilepsy and falls asleep 2 minutes later!


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