Tonight, I went to visit some old friends I haven’t seen in gosh, 10 years, maybe?  It was such a treat to hang out with them, catch up on life and to discover who each other is now in life.  It was even more fun to have learned via facebook that Ben loves to swim, bike, and run.

Within 5 minutes of arriving, he and I were quickly talking about biking and he is showing me his bike and talking race stories and goals and all sorts of things that athletic people talk about when they get together (or so I think anyway).  Maybe it is just what people who share a similar passion talk about when they get together, athletic or not!  Regardless, it was neat to notice how 10 years ago, I would have walked away from a conversation that involved sports of any kind, and here I am not only talking about it, but participating in the events we are talking about!

In fact, I ALMOST got talked into going on a 13 mile bike ride with him tomorrow while he runs…I would have been riding for the first time in a few years, on a bike not quite fitted for me, with his shoes on that go with his clips for his pedals…which I have never used before.  I was almost sold, until he clarified that when he said 6:30, he meant AM, not PM.



Then, when he realized it has been years since I have ridden, we decided that a 13 mile ride, right out of the gate might not be a good idea!  But we will ride together, sometime, soon.

Anyway, back to the title.  I went over to their house knowing I was already 200 calories over for the day and that I was not working out today either.   This was actually good to know going in.  When they offered me cheesecake, it was soooo much easier to resist.  It also helped that I had already been telling them about some of my journey over the last year or so, and they knew I was re-focusing on weight loss and calories and discipline.

Hmmm imagine that, when armed with the knowledge of the truth of the day (accurate calorie counts), a committment to lose and firm accountability to go with it, and a willingness to be honest about my story even if it feels uncomfortable, I can’t lose.

Cheesecake Kim?

No thanks, I will pass!

Piece of cake!


3 thoughts on “Cheesecake???

    • Never easy, just easier. It really helps when I let people know what I am up to and they REALLY want to be supportive. And the accountability is there too in sharing. But truly, never easy! It also helps that while I like cheesecake…I can always pass on it…now a brownie…might have been a different story!

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