My Weekly Visit

I do not own a scale.  Coach hates this.  He thinks that not having one in my house makes life more difficult for me.   I think having a scale in my house will make my life more difficult, mentally and emotionally.

So instead, every Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday, I go to my Dr.’s office for my weekly weigh-in.  I first started doing this in February when I moved back to Detroit.  However, because I have spent so much time back and forth in GR, sometimes I have missed a week or so. (This is why Coach thinks I should have a scale to carry with me)

Anyway, the first time I went in, I was nervous.  What do I say? “Umm yeah, I don’t have an appt and no I don’t want to see the Doc, I just wanna use your scale?”  That is exactly what I said!  The woman looked at me like this was completely normal and said, go right ahead!

Hmmm that was easy!

The next time I went in, the waiting area was FULL!  Oh man, now I need to announce that I am here, but just to use the scale.  Crap!  I don’t want this room full of people to know why I am here!!  I mean, granted, I am not announcing that I have some embarrassing disease, unless you consider being horribly overweight an embarrassing disease, of course.  Hey wait a second, now that I think about it, it is!!

I timidly walked up and stuck my head inside of the window to make sure no one but the clerk at the counter could hear me and very quietly asked to use the scale.  I was waived in.  When I came out 30 seconds later, I think I was smiling and likely buried in my phone trying to send good news to my boys!

Over time, my timidity has gotten less and less as I walk up to the window to announce my arrival and wish to use the scale.  I no longer stick my head through the window.  I no longer whisper why I am there.  There is no need.  They now recognize me, although they still do not know my name, and automatically wave me in or tell me the scale is in use right now.   My exit is always the same though.

The nice lady always tells me to have a nice day.  I always say “you too!”, in a very cheerful voice, no matter what the results.

As I leave I am sometimes smiling.  Sometimes holding back tears of frustration.  Sometimes pissed off at myself because I KNOW what I did or did NOT do that week. Sometimes practically skipping!

I never make eye contact with anyone else that may be in the lobby and I do not talk to anyone.  I can’t.  I am busy sending a text to Coach and Aaron with that weeks results.  Sometimes, I sit in my car, awaiting their reaction, because it was either that good or that bad.  But most of the time, I just send the text and head home, knowing that 90% of the time, they do not react.  They do not really care about the results.  They just know it is good for me to have someone to send them to.  Let me clarify that.  They don’t care about the results as much as they care about ME.  They are great cheerleaders and if I get a response from a loss Aaron’s is often this.  🙂  and Coach will often say something like, “of course you did!”  They really only respond to the gains if it is becoming a pattern or if my text expresses something is going on and I am not handling it well.  This works for me.

OK, this was a long way of going about saying I lost .5 lbs this week.  Not a lot, but I will take it.  I am still in the 290’s and still under 65 lbs lost…but that can’t possibly last forever…I am a bit more tenacious (aka stubborn) than that!  I do not give up easily!


5 thoughts on “My Weekly Visit

  1. Thanks for the link! I love this story. I have actually thought about periodically weighing at my doctor’s office, as I am sure their scales are more accurate, but it is a bit out of my way. Great story though!

    • How could I not link to this…it is my new favorite word to describe myself!! I call myself stubborn all the time…and others do too…but truly tenacious as you describe it is perfect…Bulldog!

    • honey you need to stick to one scale…and one weigh in…having the two WI’s is messing with your head…when really it can be normal fluctuations…AND go back to logging diligently then you will see where the problem lies, if there is one…if you stayed within your points and did your exercise and still gained a little, then it is likely a body fluctuation, water retention something, and nothing to worry about…but if not, then you know what to tweak. DOn;t you dare give up girl! You are NOT gonna fulfill everyones expectations of you to fail again at this…You are gonna defy those expectations…and rise above them!

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