Between Seasons Summer Challenge Wk 11 Results

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have 2 people that made it in to the 1 % or more category, however only one of those people’s cells lit up in the victorious green color!

Lina is our Biggest Loser of the Week with a 1.07%  Woot!! Woot!!  To top it all off, if you all haven’t gone and checked out her blog, she set an initial weight loss goal of 30 lbs for this challenge.  If I understood her blog correctly last week, she is only 4 lbs away from meeting that initial goal!!!  Correct me if I am wrong Lina!  With 2 weeks left in this challenge, I am certain she will do it!  GO Lina GO!!!!

That other person who fell into the 1% or more category was me…I gained 1.02% or 3 lbs…more blogs/thoughts coming as soon as I sort them out and filter out the crazy in them.

We have 2 weeks left.  I know my head has been taken out of the game a bit by my recent visits from my crazy twin who seems to think she can visit any ole time she wants now, among other things.  But I am determined that her craziness won’t beat me.  That I am stronger than all of her antics, in the long run.  So are you guys!  Don’t give up.  Whatever it is you are struggling with, you are stronger than IT.  Coach told me in an email sometime in the last week or two to ask for help when I need it.  My friends know I am stubborn and independent and have been resisting this whole vulnerability thing a bit lately as it has felt so incredibly vulnerable.  But he is right.  I have not come this far alone and I won’t be able to go the rest of the distance alone.  I need to actually speak the words, HELP ME, when I am struggling.

So, I pass his wisdom on to you. Ask for help if you need it and finish this thing strong.

I guess I didn’t wait for a new blog to share some of my thoughts now did I?


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