Between Seasons Summer Challenge Wk 9 Results

You guys are killing me!  Such an awesome week guys!

My spreadsheet is lit up in color all over the place.  Lots of green, which to me represents life.  With every pound lost we are all gaining back a new life.  Such exciting stuff!!

Karla!  I know you have been working hard for this and I know you have been waiting and hoping that just ONE week you would be The Biggest Loser of the week.  Well, my friend, the time is NOW for you.  Karla lost 1.38% this week.

But she had a run for this title and was followed very closely by Angela with 1.23% who also had to fight for her spot in the leader board because following her was…

Lina with 1.06% lost.

Myself and Ria were ALMOST in the green with .96% and .91% respectively.

This is fun to be able to fill this blog entry with a BUNCH of names of people who are kicking butt!

You guys rock!  Keep it up!


7 thoughts on “Between Seasons Summer Challenge Wk 9 Results

  1. OMG OMG OMG.. No way!!! I am super excited about this! (I am so jumping in my chair with people looking at me) I have worked for this spot.. Now Angela and Lina are on my back so I need to keep this up!!

    Congrats to all of us!!!

  2. I just wanted to say “great weight loss”! I saw you on Jack Sh*ts blog and wanted to check out your blog. I am only 7 weeks into my weight loss journey with just under 200 to lose. Good luck, keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks Kristina for stopping by! Welcome…holy crap I was about to type that I have “jsut under” 200 to go as well….but I went and looked at my tracker…and well….I am not there anymore….hehehe…anyway…welcome to the journey….

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