Just A Little Something


Yep, I changed my blog header photo…again…and this time for once it is not the full view of the road…but an up close look at a very small section of the road.  My deep thought of the day on this?

Life even grows amongst the rocks.  Not a lot of life, but life nonetheless, and sometimes that little bit of life holds enough hope to keep going.

That’s all I got today folks…


8 thoughts on “Just A Little Something

  1. Oops, Kimmi K, I am so dumb! Not really sure how my response ended up showing up as your response. Now it looks like you responded to your own blog post, but really it was me trying to respond to your blog post. Now all I have is me responding to “your” response. Oh well, bottom line- hope is good.

    • Jenny, I was likely logged in to the blog on your computer last so when you commented it commented as me…:-) Remember I had my overnight stay there last week 🙂 I love me some hope too especially the kind that is an anchor for our soul…I read that verse everyday these days…thank you for that my dear! Lampshades!!!

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