Between Seasons Summer Challenge Wk 8 Results (Amendment)

Oh my goodness guys!!

I am so sorry!

Our Biggest Loser of the Week last week was actually Billy with 1.16%!!

I do not know how I missed this…I mean hello!?!?  Aaron has my spreadsheet set up so when one of you loses more than 1% the color CHANGES!!!!  But somehow I missed that there was 1 bright GREEN cell that corresponded with Billy’s name!

Congrats everyone…and Billy, I apologize profusely for missing you there!  I hope you will forgive me for that oversight!

Don’t forget to send me your results for this week guys!  After this one, we only have 4 more weeks left!  Let’s finish strong!  When I run with Adam or Coach and I am getting tired near the end of a lap…they always tell me…

“Don’t slow down now! Don’t GIve Up!  Sprint it out! GO a little further thanyou think you can! You’ve got this!”

SO here is me shouting at all of you!



5 thoughts on “Between Seasons Summer Challenge Wk 8 Results (Amendment)

  1. Great credit and a job well done to all of you. You all deserve a standing ovation for all that you are doing to improve your health. Way to go!! Billy a Congrats to you as well.
    Kim, maybe you need some new glasses 🙂 Either that or some more 7 hour sleep breaks 🙂

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