Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 7 Results

Rough week guys?  More than just a few did not report in.  Myself included, since I am travelling again, I decided not to find a scale that may or may not be on par with the scale I currently use.  Coach says I should just “Get. A. Scale”.  I am continuing to hold out on that for my own sanity.  Coach is not ALWAYS right!  🙂

Anyway, of those that reported, Our Biggest Loser of the week was Lina with .78% loss and Hanlie with .50 % loss.  Way to go ladies!!!  Keep it up!

A Player highlight this week, while not a big loss, was still a loss.  Karla, has been following my blog for a while, and has recently started her own blog as well. It is interesting for me to sit back and notice that despite having a knee injury that has prevented her from working out, since starting her blog where she logs her daily food intake and starting a new eating program, she has consistently lost weight.  Amount doesn’t matter, a loss is a loss.

Since I have begun losing weight, I often get questions from the blog and from regular life about what works and what doesn’t.  Often people don’t like to hear the work involved in being consistent, and stop listening.  But the truth is, when I log my food/calories, I am far more consistent in weight loss than when I don’t.

Yes, it takes time.

Yes, it is a pain in the A@$!!!

Yes, I hate doing it, at times.

Yes, I love the results it helps produce.

Yes, I actually look things up and input recipes to figure it out.

No, I don’t do it perfectly and am still not back in a consistent habit again. Did a week solid, then started moving around again…

Way to go Karla!  Keep it up!  You are doing great!


8 thoughts on “Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 7 Results

  1. Way to go Lina and Hanlie!

    Aww Kim your so sweet! I will take any loss I get that is for sure. Since meeting you through Matt, you have really opened my eyes and mind to things. I appreciate you beyond what I can express. Without you I might not be in the mindset of this journey that I am. Thank you for sharing and being real.

    • Your Welcome Karla….At this point, I don’t know any other way to be that will help me be successful! So I guess I will keep sharing and being real! Proud of you!

  2. Coach is again right, sorry to say. I didn’t have a scale for years and I had 7 whole days to justify poor habits. Weight Watchers makes a digital scale for $25 that records your weights, tracks your progress, and gives total amount lost. I love (and hate) mine.

    You can buy one at Walmart, Meijer, or Target.

    • You Turncoat!! You are supposed to be on my side on this. DO not encourage him in the least. He does not get my obsession with the scale and how it makes me wonky in the head if I have daily access to one!

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