Near And Dear!

This week, while I was away from my computer for a few days, a friend and fellow blogger, decided now was the time to share her story of how she has used her weight to protect herself.  Her story is incredible and powerful and up until a few months ago, was a story she had never told anyone before.

I am proud of this woman.  She has chosen to face her life, head on, with boldness and courage, even as her limbs tremble with fear.  In many ways, her story is similiar to my own and I relate to her on so many levels.  I encourage you to go and read her story….THIS POST…heck, read her whole blog, it is amazing.  She is amazing!  I hope that whoever reads it will be encouraged and inspired by her story, what she has faced, and how she is choosing to live life now, despite some pretty nasty circumstances life has thrown at her.


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