Help! I’ve Been Trained On And Can’t Get Up!

A few weeks ago, I got a phone call from a gym in the Detroit area telling me that I won a free 2-year membership to their gym.  I am quite skeptical about the “You have won!” phone calls and questioned them quite a bit on how I could win if I never heard of their gym and never submitted an entry.  Basically, someone submitted my name and phone number for me!  (Since I won, I can’t be mad, but had it opened me up to a bunch of sales calls I would have been!)  Anyway, I went in this past week to confirm it is not a joke, to see the gym and “accept” my prize.

I walked in and the woman who greeted me is someone I KNOW from the bank I used to work at.  She also happens to be a woman who lost a ton of weight all on her own…I think at least 150 lbs.  (Jackie, if you read this feel free to correct me!)  In the end, she threw in a free personal training session with “Thomas” who also is the guy there that trains her.

I went to see him yesterday.  Thomas is a BIG DUDE.  His bi-cep is probably as big as my thigh, but all muscle.  I REALLY do not think I am exaggerating here!  He has this deep voice but is rather soft spoken.  You would think he would be super loud, but he is not.  Ang, you would LOVE this man!  I am not sure if it was the commanding way he spoke or the fact that he could crush me with his pinky, but I was intimidated, to say the least.

In one hour, we did a total body workout. We worked every single muscle in the arms, then moved on to  every leg muscle, through the back muscles in there, then ended on abs.  Today, I had to WORK to get out of bed.  I cannot lift my arms.  My boobs even hurt!  My legs are stiff but I can walk sort of normally.  Oh, how am I gonna swim today…

He was very good at explaining the purpose of the machines, correcting my form, and helping me understand and know what it should feel like when I have done a good solid workout.  The things I need to work on?  Yes there are a few…

  • apparently when it gets more difficult, I move my head around…a lot.  I don’t know how many times he got on me about that.
  • Breathing.  He finally just started talking to me and asking questions.  He said if I can talk then I am breathing.  However, then I would mess up counting and if I forgot my count, I had to start over grr…only did that ONCE.  Learned my lesson good.  It is interesting to note though that I stop breathing a lot.  Esther(counselor) used to tell me to breathe as we talked about difficult things.  When I was attempting late night, top secret runs with Laurie, she would tell me to breathe.  I am certain Coach or Adam has probably told me on occasion to stop holding my breath.  So, when things get difficult, emotionally or physically, I hold my breath.  Good to know.  Must stop this!

The one thing I didn’t like…he made some assumptions.  We all know how I feel about assumptions…just go find my post about Ann the Spin Legend!  When he first put me on the treadmill, he said it would be for about 5 minutes at 2.2 mph and if that is too much feel free to lower it.  2.2?  Really?  Umm Thomas, what if I feel like that is too slow?  Of course I am allowed to increase it. (Whew!) He then said that if he had his dithers or duthers or something about him he would put me at 3.1-3.5.  HA OK…That I can do, without getting bored.

I am sure he needs to err on the side of too light when just getting to know a new trainee…there is some risk of injury he needs to be aware of and as far as he knows…this could be my first workout in years!  Fortunately it is not, but he doesn’t know.  And fortunately that was the one and only assumption he made.  After that, he asked a ton of questions as we worked out. I liked him.  Wish I had the money to pay him to train me every week!

Oh…the other bonus.  Jackie didn’t know you could do a triathlon as a relay.  She wants to bike/run but can’t swim.  So I may swim in a tri for her so she can do the other 2 legs! Could there be opportunity for a third tri this summer?

One last bonus….I may have a running buddy, at least some of the time since she lives right near me!

OK, I MUST get up again and go swim…even if it kills me!


12 thoughts on “Help! I’ve Been Trained On And Can’t Get Up!

  1. FABULOUS! I love working out with a trainer and I wish it wasn’t so expensive. I can so relate to how you are feeling after that workout. I hate the assumptions too, but I love the awe that comes across the face of a person who assumed wrong when they realize all that I am capable of.

    Congratulations on the gym membership!

  2. Wow! That’s a whole lot of good fortune right there! Your training session sounds like fun!

    Breathing is one thing I’ve got under control, and that is mainly due to Pilates. I often notice when I’m doing other forms of exercise, that I’m controlling my breathing well. Except when I swim… it’s just too much exertion for me. So far I’m mostly doing back stroke.

    • lots and lots of good fortune…it is amazing how much I hold my breath…if I had a mchine to check it…I bet it is even more than I think!

  3. Hi Kim,
    I lost over 220 pounds but thats ok. I cant wait to go run/walking with you! I will keep you motivated and do whatever I can to help. Jackie

  4. OMG 220 lbs.. Jackie please share your story. 100 seems impossible to me but 220 is out of this world.. Congrats!

    Kim- What a wonderful thing to happen looks like you found a great place to train.

  5. I love this. People underestimate me all the time. Then again, it’s probably not “normal” for a 245 pound woman to do 4.5-5.0 on the treadmill for 2 miles.

    You keep rockin it. I love your spirit!

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