Between Seasons Summer Challenge Wk 6 Results

Whoa!  Super impressed guys!

We had 2 huge Losers this week.

Angela with 3.64% and Lina with 2.06%.

You guys rock!!!!!

Now here is a player highlight!

Lina is relatively new to my blog.  Someone told her about this challenge and she came over to join it, basically.    So glad to have her.  As I have reviewed my handy-dandy, fancy, color-coded spreadsheet full of data I noticed something.  Lina has reported in every week and has lost every single week.  As I noticed this, I began to wonder what the heck is this woman doing to be so consistent?  What motivates her?  What kind of exercise is she doing?  IS she on a food plan?  From reading her blog, I know she is a single mom of 3 adorable children, so it can’t be easy to do WHATEVER it is that she is doing, cuz it is not easy for me, and I am single, no kids, and unemployed.  So I have PLENTY of time on my hands.

I asked Lina if she would write a post for this weeks Results post about her journey and how she got started and why and the whole shebang.  So without further adieu…Meet Lina!

When Kim asked me to write a guest spot on her blog about my weight loss so far, my first reaction was NO WAY! I don’t know anything. I struggle every single day. Kim asked some great questions to get me started, so I thought I would give it a try.

I never learned how to eat right. I KNOW how to eat right, in the book sense but not in the real life sense. I watched my weight climb steadily after I had children. I have lost weight before, but tend to start a diet and then as soon as I see a day where the scale says I gained, I quit. Or I eat off plan one time and then it turns into “I screwed up today, so I might as well take a day off,” and that one day turns into two or three or a week until pretty soon I’ve gained it all back and am right back where I started.

When I set out to lose weight this time, I knew that I had nearly 75 pounds to lose just to get into the top of the “healthy” weight range. That number just seemed too big to even try. 75 pounds. I felt hopeless. But then summer started and I thought…I need a challenge..I need a new adventure! I need to feel better and be able to buy clothes at any store, not just the plus size stores. I decided to shoot for 30 pounds over the summer. I thought it may be a bit aggressive, but let’s see what I can do! 30 pounds seemed a lot less intimidating than 75. Once I started seeing results, things got easier. I was hungry a lot for the first couple of weeks but after that I felt full with smaller meals and things got a lot easier.

I have not strayed from my plan for more than a meal. I think the biggest motivator for me is accountability. I have a blog that I posted my challenge on – I call it Project 30. I also joined Kim’s summer challenge. It doesn’t matter if I do well or not, I have to tell people how I did each week. For me that is HUGE. I do not want to have to post that I gained or that I blew it because of some guilt-inducing food.

Another tool that helps with accountability is journaling my food and exercise. I use a free on-line program at I write down EVERYTHING I eat and drink. It not only lets you track your calorie and fat intake, but it will help you track nutrition goals and exercise goals. It is customizable and has been a tremendous help for me to see exactly what each item is that I am eating. It also forces you to look at labels so you can record what you eat. I have bookmarked many of the fast food nutrition facts sheets on the internet so that if I do eat out, I know what to order to still stay on plan.

One of my struggles has always been eating out. I was eating out at least one meal a day, sometimes 2. That not only adds up in terms of money, but in pounds as well. I realized that one of the things that lead to eating out was just poor planning on my part. I would leave for work in the morning and not bring a lunch with. When hunger would kick in I would go through the drive thru. I now go to the grocery store and buy low calorie frozen meals. They have so many awesome meals available at a fraction of the cost of eating out. Most of the meals I buy are between $2.00 and $3.50 each. I just put them in the freezer at work and they are sitting there waiting for me when I get hungry.

Suppers are trickier. I have 3 kids who are (obviously) not dieting. I usually eat whatever I make for them, just in a much smaller amount than I would have. I eat less than half of what I would have eaten before and I usually skip the butter – even on my summer favorite -sweet corn.

This journey to being healthy and happy with my size may be a long one, but I try to keep in mind that each and every healthy decision I make brings me one step closer. The journey is all just little steps. I just have to keep making good decisions and let it go if I don’t to move on to the next step. I will probably struggle with weight my whole life on some level, but even the small amount of weight I have lost has made many improvements. My goal is to be at a healthy weight, to look and feel young again, and to set a good example for my 3 young children. Having the support of people online who struggle too helps to make this journey bearable.

You can read more about Lina, her life, her story and Project 30 here.


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