About Breakfast time….

Ooooohhh I want some of THIS…..

No you don’t…here have THAT…..

But I don’t want THAT, I want THIS!!!

Well, THIS won’t help you obtain what you say you want, so here…have THAT!


THAT tastes like cardboard….THIS would taste so much better….

Likely true, but THAT won’t stick to your hips like peanut butter sticks to bread…Aren’t you happy I talked you into THAT now?

No…not really…I guess…

Later, but not much later…..

ooohhhh I NEED some of THIS!  I deserve some of THIS!!!! I am gonna have some of THIS!! and THIS too….

THIS is a slippery slope you are starting down…are you sure you don’t want some of THAT?

I am sure.  I want THIS!

Didn’t you say once that you wanted something different?  That you are making new choices all the time?  That this time is different?

Yup, I said all that….and right now I want THIS!

What happened to all the long term change crap you write about?  The discipline? The vision?  Yeah, where is your vision now?  How does THIS fit into all that?

It doesn’t.  Except, there has to be balance right?  There has to be room for some of THIS sometimes right?

Sure, except we are on round 4 or 5 of this discussion and it’s not even noon yet…and umm THAT has only won once…and THIS has won the other times…sound like balance?


Give me THAT!

20 minutes later….

ohhhhh THIS…now THIS looks good…

Here we go again…’s gonna be one of THOSE days isn’t it?

I think so…THIS could be a bad, bad day….one that I am NOT gonna wanna blog about or tell Coach and Aaron about.

It could be…but the good thing is….THAT side of you that wants the good things, craves the good things, and delights in the good things, is stronger than you think.  THAT side might lose some battles today, but the war is far from over…and THIS is gonna take some serious hits… Oh and as for blogging and telling your guys…you won’t be able to NOT to…you have gotten too honest about all THIS stuff…You ready to do some battle today?

Sure…but I think I need to energize up with just a little of THIS…..

THIS won’t give you the energy you need to fight…how about some of THAT?…….

So goes the rest of the day…some days….are like this…


7 thoughts on “THIS and THAT…

  1. Hahaha! Great post Kim!

    Also, if you rearrange SHIT, you get THIS. Keep that in mind the next time you want THIS. Cuz, really, it’s SHIT.

    LOL! (Sorry, I totally couldn’t help myself.) LOL!

  2. Just an hour in myhead guys…I initially thought this would be a pretty dumb post, but apparently it has gotten ALOT of reads….hmmmm…guess people like my WONKY head!!??? Too Funny!

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