Thanks…I think, THANKS!!!!, and Thanks??

I am officially back in Detroit again and will remain here for a month…although no one seems to believe me on this…I do not understand why!:-)

Here are some funny/awkward/cool things that happened today.

AWKWARD SCENARIO-What Not to do if you are trying to compliment someone on losing weight!

I was standing in church today talking to a friend (ummm yeah Aaron, I didn’t head straight for the D after leaving you at IHOP, I managed to procrastinate a little longer…despite your attempts to keep me on track).  Ok so I was talking to a friend when suddenly there are a pair of arms around me giving me a hug from behind and then said arms are touching me on my sides…and a voice is saying…”Wow. it feels like there is less of you!”  I am completely confused as to who this is.  Perhaps because I am shocked about being groped in church because this person has a voice I would recognize anywhere.   My friend whom I am speaking to says. “Well there is less of her.”  Groping woman then comes to the front of me and stands incredibly close to me and begins asking all sorts of questions about what I am doing and going on about how she loves to follow me on Facebook and how great I am doing and how great I look!  Honestly, I don’t put much on FB except that I am swimming again, or running again or not wanting to do those things or some such thing about working out. My response to her with exception to answering her questions was simply, “Thank You.”


I had just come back from attempting to swim across the lake (that is another story for another blog entry…remind me) and was getting a drink when my favorite 9 yr old nephew came up to me and said.

“Auntie Kim, you are looking great.  I mean you are looking TINY.”

“OK Gavin, I agree, I am smaller, but tiny is not true yet, I am still big, just not as big as I was” (his parents are working on his tendency to exaggerate, I have NO IDEA where he would get that skill from! Ahem, cough, cough).

“Well, ok, Auntie, but you are much, much smaller.  I mean you don’t even look like the same person anymore.” (yeah he is great to keep around for a mood lift from time to time.) “So umm Auntie, it has to be at least 100 lbs that you lost since you started swimming right?”

“Umm no Gavin not yet.  It is about 65 right now”

“Wow Auntie that is so so so great!  Hey Joey, doesn’t my Auntie Kim look great?!  I mean check her out, she is awesome!”

“Umm Gavin, I don’t think Joey has ever seen me before, he wouldn’t know the difference between then and now.”

“Oh yeah I have, I have met you before and you DO look great!  You are doing awesome!”

“Hey Auntie, can we go on a date this week?” (YES!! I GOT A DATE>>>FINALLY!!  Of course I will have to pay and it is with a 9 yr old, but a date is a date….right???


“Wow Kim, you are looking great!”

“Thank You!” ( I think I need to get used to this being the opening line in any conversation with people who do or do not see me regularly and I think I should get an EASY button that I can push that say “Thank you!”

“No seriously, Kim I was looking around and saw Kenny talking to a girl who looked familiar but I didn’t quite recognize her and I thought…hmmm I wonder where Kim is, Aunt Jo Jo said she was coming!  Then I looked again adn realized, Kenny was talking to YOU!”

Further conversation then ensued about what I am doing and how and all that jazz….

You know…I get it.  I am smaller.  65 lbs is a lot to lose…but REALLY?  am I REALLY unrecognizable????  Not yet…at least I don’t think so….but soon my friends…soon!  Until then….I will just keep saying “Thank You!”


5 thoughts on “Thanks…I think, THANKS!!!!, and Thanks??

  1. You know, I think it’s just a case of people wanting you to know that they can see a difference, which is great! “Thank you” is a great answer!

  2. It is increasingly difficult to be gracious. I have to pray every day for grace so that I don’t kill my well wishers with sarcasm.

    When someone who hasn’t seen me in a while says, “Whoa! You’ve lost a whole person!” That is such a loaded compliment, and sometimes it hurts.

    Those are the times I have to swallow hard to keep down the sarcasm, to keep from saying “Yes, I’ve lost 107 pounds. Plus another 180 when I dumped my unfaithful ex.”

    (Boooooooooooo) tee hee….

  3. Most of the time, I am all cool with the compliments..but lately it seems like a lot…and well…I jsut don’t want to talk about it with everyone I know and see in a given day…I got my main group I will always talk to any day anytime…but man…the more noticeable it gets, the more I seem to have to talk about it, as more comments come in and questions get asked…jsut overwhelming I guess at times…

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