Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

I was too tired to write this story last night, so here it is.

I was going to use Sunday as my day off from running or swimming since I would be at a family gathering all day.  However, I realized later that the gathering is at a lake and that there may be possibility of  doing a lake swim, which is the best kind of training swims for me.  I had hopes.  It all depended on if it was an all sports lake with speedboats racing around or not.  If it was, then there would need to be someone that was willing to ride in a paddle boat or canoe or something near me so that the speedboats don’t run me over!

Paddle boaters were needed and available.

First of all, when I decided to swim across the lake, this apparently became the big event of the day!  I could hear conversations about “oh Kim is gonna cross the lake” and the like…all in some measure of aww or concern!  My nieces and nephews were quite excited to see this and I had cheering fans standing on the dock yelling “GO Auntie GO!  (Guess my fans follow me across the state!)

In my first attempt, mom was in the paddle boat with my younger cousin.  I start swimming.  They start pedaling. Since I am working on swimming in a straight line with my head in the water, I am not hearing the yelling going on …far behind me.  I turn to look and the boat is about 60 yards behind me and I hear mom yelling “Kimberly Anne!!  Stop swimming…we can’t do this!”

WHA????  Yeah, mom can’t pedal like it is needed to actually go somewhere in a paddle boat.  I am too fast for this boat with these peddlers.  So, I swim back to shore….the boat eventually makes it back…and we get my older brother to pedal along with said cousin and just in case a change up is needed, his mom.

We head back out.  This time I am aware enough to keep checking on the progress of the boat but had high hopes that with 2 guys pedaling they would be able to keep up with this turtle of a swimmer.

No such luck.  Apparently when I am pitted against a paddle boat, I can win every time!

I look back and realize they are about 50-60 yards away from me and….wait a second…they are pedalling…but they are not moving anywhere…except in circles.

I start floating on my back and laughing.  So much for a great non stop swim across the lake and back…

My fans are continuing to yell and cheer for me(they are not bored yet)…then they realize that the boat isn’t going anywhere and Gavin starts yelling…”Get the biggest person out of the boat!!!”  Umm yeah that would put his father in the water…not gonna happen!

I swim over to the boat  and grab the string and was laying down all sorts of smack talk about how I can swim and pull them in the boat faster than they can move in a straight direction!

It was actually kind of working until….my young cousin jumped out of the boat and started pushing from behind and almost ran me over!!  (And I thought I had to worry about getting run over by speedboats!)

I went to the back and young cousin and I decided to push the boat.  So my “Swim” became an hour long session of getting to work on my kicking technique.  With us kicking from behind and controlling the rudder from behind…and the riders pedaling…sort of…we went quite a distance around the lake.

It was all fine and dandy until I got a SERIOUS cramp in my foot.

I don’t think I am really faster than a speeding bullet.  That would be coach.  But apparently I AM faster than a speeding paddle boat!


3 thoughts on “Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

  1. Many a sportsman (woman) has been let down by his (her) support team in the past! I think your family members need to start practicing their pedaling! Well done on the swim though!

  2. OMG I laughed at the mental picture I have going on. Hey I would be proud if it was me beating anything! LOL Great Job.

  3. Hahahhahah! Kimberly Ann… LOL!

    Good for you for swimming the lake. Twice. And beating a paddle boat. Twice.


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