Discipline, Training, And Choices…

I lost 3.8 lbs this week. However, I gained 4 last week.  So I am still behind the 8 ball a tad bit.   It is all good though.  I have a plan and it involves the D word.  Yep discipline.

I have been thinking about discipline a lot the last couple weeks, especially in light of cramming in all sorts of swim training for this last weekends triathlon.  I am a procrastinator by nature.  If something can be put off for another day, it likely will, especially if there is something on the horizon that seems more fun!  The other factor that has brought this up for me is that I am here.  In my happy place.  I am seeing all the people who just by there very presence provide an energy for me to get out there and “do this thang”.  It is not difficult to get out there and exercise or eat right when I am in this place.  I know, it sounds like I am glorifying this place and these people.  I am not.  I am also not forgetting all the struggles I had from Sept 08-Feb 09, before I moved away.   I often re-read my blog so I don’t forget.  I know I struggled then.  However, in comparison, the mental game is much easier here, than there.  That’s all I am saying.   In Detroit, it requires, a very intentional form of discipline for me to be successful. Discipline which does not come easy to a spontaneous procrastinator!

In a month and a half, I will not only be swimming in a triathlon, I will also be running in one.  I am not close to being prepared for the run.  This last month, I put off running to cram in as much swim time as possible to be able to do last weeks race.   See, if I were disciplined or perhaps just smart :-), I would have continued doing both so as not to set myself back in the running.  I was paniking about the swim, so I made my choices.  Now that I realize my next event is only 1.5 months away, I am paniking about the run, but I cannot forsake the swimming to solely run!  Agghhhh….

So here is my plan.  I do have one. I will swim or run every day with one day off each week.  I have talked to the community pool in my neighborhood.  If I go swim first thing in the morning, before anyone really gets there, they will allow me to take down the rope divider so I can swim some decent laps.  Once people start showing up, the divider will have to go back up.  So I HAVE to go first thing in the morning.  I will map out a few 5K courses so that I can better determine how far I am running at any one stretch and so I can continually increase how far I run at a time.   Currently I run on trails and I look at my pedometer at the end to determine distance but I don’t necessarily know how far I am running at a given stretch other than by minutes run or how many songs I ran to.   The other thing I do on my runs, that doesn’t help with determining distance per stretch is, I run like I live life.  Spontaneously.  If a turn looks interesting I take it. I rarely follow the same route.  It gets boring fast following the same route every day.   This is also how I tend to get lost in the woods close to dark! 🙂  Having a few mapped run courses will allow me to be spontaneous but also help with the discipline factor.  My plan is to run every other day and swim on the days I don’t run.

So that satisfies cardio and training for the tri.  For strength training, I will borrow some DVD’s from the library and work on those at home.  I HATE working out at home in front of people!  If mom is around she tends to simply watch me and offer all sorts of advice on what I am doing wrong and how “their leg is lifted higher” or whatever.  Yet she doesn’t join in either!  I will suck it up and do it, because I cannot ignore strength training any longer.   I am thinking some Pilate’s stuff will be good to do at home.  I will do this 3-4 times a week.  Of course, I may have won a gym membership-if that is the case, I will go there 3-4 times a week for strength stuff!  This would be awesome if I did, then I wouldn’t have to worry about home workouts!

Choices.  As I go on, my choices have become much clearer to me.  Not necessarily easier, but clearer. It feels like it was forever ago that I got out of the 300’s.  Then I dipped back into them.  Guess I couldn’t resist them!  Now it seems like forever to get out of the 290’s!  I should have been out of them last week…Each milestone seems to take longer to reach, but reach them I will.   Which reminds me of the last thing.  I have said this before but I need to get back to logging everything I eat in my food log.  During the moving transition I got out of the habit and now have not been able to get back in to it.  I MUST do this.  I was pretty consistently successful when I was doing that.   It made me so much more aware of my food intake, it made sure I ate ENOUGH calories each day, and it motivated me to exercise more.

So that is my plan.  Nothing too crazy, but it will set me up for continued weight loss.  Perhaps this will also help to ensure I am not last out of the water (again) or prevent me from dying on the run!


9 thoughts on “Discipline, Training, And Choices…

  1. You are truely awesome. I have been debating getting back to the gym and I think I will. Even if it’s just 30 min its better than using this leg injury as an excuse.

    I challenge you to to post your food logs here like I am doing on my blog.. Makes me keep on track knowing I am posting what I eat for the world to see.

    You have a plan which is step #1. You go girl!

    • go back Karla…go back…anything you can do, regardless of your injury will be helpful!

      I thought about posting the food log….but that would require daily posting and I don’t want to HAVE to do that. My guys know they can ask to see it anytime and I am committed to doing this. IT is all a matter of getting back in the habit again. Once in the habit, it will be easy again…just part of what I do. SO far so good on day two of it!

  2. Oh honey, I hear you on this one. Being the second leg (and joined third) of this event is really doing a number on me mentally. I just have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t about perfection, or winning, it’s about putting myself back in the race. Regardless of the outcome, or the spectators, or any outside factors. I can hardly wait to meet you! How fun is that?

    • That’s right lady…not about winning the competition, but winning for ourselves…completing a little bit more than we thought we ever could and pushing each other a little bit further outside of our comfort zones…We GOT this THANG!

  3. The “D” word is so important in this journey. Plus of course motivation and support as well. I am sure you will continue to advance forward and just remember not to train to hard. We need to take things at a good pace as to prevent injury. You have a great attitude and that will get you the results you are looking for. So go out there and run like a fox 🙂

    • Like a fox eh? Hmmm are they fast? CUz I think I am gonna be running more like a possum….from what I have seen…they aren’t very fast and they more like waddle along! 🙂

  4. Great job on the loss this week. I’m sure you can follow your plan when you come home. Once you put your mind to something, it will be done, procrastinating or not!

    • Thanks Yvonne….better watch out or I will be hitting you up to walk/run with me! HEY!! That gym membership I MAY have won is actually for 2 people….if it is true…you want in??? (got your message about the other place) Thanks for your confidence in me!!!

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