Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 5 Results

Hey guys,

You are all doing awesome!  I am quite excited because Aaron used his Excel Geekery and helped me set my spreadsheet up with something called “conditional formatting”.  Basically, when someone meets a 1% loss, their % lost gets highlighted in one color.  When someone loses more than 2%, then those fields get highlighted in another color!  It is very fun as the weeks go by to see colors popping up when I plug in your new weights.  And for those of you concerned…Aaron has NOT seen your weights.  He helped me set this up BEFORE I had any starting weights and we tested it with my weight, which he already knows anyway!  So no worries!

The other thing I am excited about is that every week our Biggest Losers are different people.  So if you haven’t been named as TBL of the week yet, keep going because if this trend continues everyone can be TBL!

On to this weeks BL!  Our BL with a whopping 1.76% loss is Lina!

Followed closely by Anne W with 1.45%

Then me with 1.3% (however, I am just losing what I gained last week, so my net is a big ole’ nothing!)


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