Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 4 Results And An Update

Hey guys,

I apologize these are late.  It has been a hectic few days.  But here are the results…finally!

Our biggest loser of the week this time is Angela with a 1.56% loss.  Billy was close of her heals with a 1.17% loss!

Congrats guys!!!


Brief update on me. I gained 4 lbs this week.  Oddly I am not discouraged.  I know I had a crazy weekend hanging with teenagers, trying NOT to eat all the teenager food they eat…and while my emotions are not all crazy and wacky…I think there might be just a tad bit of water retention going on…

In other news…I have the triathlon relay with Aaron and Marissa this weekend!  I know I can swim the distance and I am hoping to do it in less than 30 minutes.  We will see. Coach is in this race too and has been laying the smack talk down big time!!  Since he swims at least twice as fast as me, I have given up hopes of actually beating him….but then again…Aaron has some strong legs from soccer and spin class…he could make up some time for us and then Marissa can run 7 minute miles, which Coach can’t do (yet).  And we also have the fresh factor in our favor. At each leg we have new people coming in where Coach will be coming in, just a little bit worn out! 🙂 (yeah, I am all talk…but if you only knew how much he has been laying on me…7 AM text messages…godawfulearly phone calls…telling me of his feats of strength like biking 47 miles in 2 hours…)

Regardless of who wins, it is going to be a lot of fun!  Friends Todd and Holly are also doing a relay and JG is gonna be in town!!  Woot!  More friends will be volunteering!  Oh and have I told you this race raises money for a local children’s home so it benefits children and teenagers locally!  Gotta love that!


8 thoughts on “Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 4 Results And An Update

  1. Good luck tomorrow morning. I may not see you at the finish line. JG & I might go out for breakfast before your team finishes. 🙂 Couldn’t resist…

    • PunkA*&!!!! I cannot believe I approved this comment to be posted Coach!!! You have to wait for me so I can go to breakfast with you!

    • You finally decide to comment…and this is what you post???? I may have to retract my invitation for you to write a guest post! If only I didn’t think my readers would benefit from your thoughts….

  2. Go kick some Coach ass girl! DOn’t listen to him he will only be mad when you wipe off the water with him! You go girl you go this. You are doing this for all of us that can’t/won’t.. lol

  3. I am so sorry that I haven’t been around lately. I have no real reason. just hope that you can forgive me. I will do better. What I wanted to say is that I am so proud of you for the accomplishment you did in your recent swim/tri. As always you pulled through and finished what you started. I have not yet decided if I’ll be doing a tri this year or even ever. I do know that though that I will be doing my first 5K in January. I just need time for my knee to really be at it’s best and for me running at my current weight doesn’t help the issue.
    I will be by more often than I have been. I missed having you around as well and seeing that pretty smile that make my day better.

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