Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 3 Results

OK Guys from those who reported we have a phenomenal BL this week.

Huge kudos to Teresa for a 3.95% weight loss this week.  Her loss is just proof that if we stick with what we know and don’t give up our bodies will eventually respond the way we need them/want them to!  Way to persevere Teresa!

We had a couple who lost at least 1% this week as well!  Lina and Me (it is weird to write my name down!)

I know some of you have been discouraged by “small” losses or no losses or even gains.  Do NOT give up guys!  Keep doing what you know works.  Keep taking the next right step forward.   Keep choosing to go again when you mess up, because we all will mess up from time to time.  Just don’t go quiet and retreat into the abyss!  You are not alone!

Let’s move on into the next week!

This week let’s have a little challenge.

I want you to all think about your favorite binge food.  Your comfort thing.  The food(s) you go to most often when you are messing up big time!  Think not only of the food(s) but the quantity that you would eat.  Then do some calorie research.  How many calories was that food and in the quantities that you would most often eat it in.

For me, when I am in really bad places, my comfort food was anything from KFC.  I hate to admit this but I could easily have eaten a full 4 piece meal and some wings when I was really trying to stuff my emotions and just eat.

How many meals worth of calories would you have eaten in that one binge?

For the second part.  Now come up with something healthy and delicious to replace that binge food with.  Because the reality is, we are likely going to binge again…I hope not, but I am not dumb or naive either. But perhaps if we have the makings on hand for something delicious AND better for us our binges will be less costly.

Now post your results in the comment section!


6 thoughts on “Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 3 Results

  1. Well done Theresa!

    Binging is no longer a problem for me. I’m very happy with what I eat, but I still eat too much of it… Just plain overeating. So I’m going to be working on that!

  2. I binge on cereal. The really sugary kind with whole milk in the middle of the night. One serving is 110 calories and the milk is 150 (what??? OMG!!!). I didn’t realize that before now. At three servings that is a total of 780 calories!!!! I really need to cut that out big time. Realization is a great thing, thanks Kim. I can replace that with fruit, since fruit is sweet. Maybe a serving of cantoloupe (57 calories per cup) or a banana (100 calories).

    • Awesome Liesia!!! SO now, keep cantaloupe/fruit on hand!!! And teh milk is 150 IF you measure it out…and then, are you sure you are only eating 3 servings when you are binging? I don’t know about you, but I don’t always measure my cereal servings even when I am NOT binging! Crazy realizations!

  3. Okay I don’t know calorie wise but I know it’s out of this world. But I can eat a full bag of chips and 1-2 containers of dip. I am sure that is a whole days worth of calories right there.

  4. Wow, there are so many. I’ll be giving this some thought. Like Lesia, cereal is a big one for me. I rarely buy cold cereal because it is just and invitation to binge. I also rarely buy any cheese other than a little bit of feta because I could eat cheese all day long. I’ll do some calorie research and report back!

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