Climbing Wall

I promised a story about the climbing wall, so a story you will get.

After I did the Grapevine element of the high ropes course, many of my fears were alleviated.  I now knew that I could do far more than I thought.   I now had an idea of what to expect as far as heights go, and I now knew the ropes would hold me.  So now, what else can I do?

I looked around and watched kids going down the zip line and thought…now THAT would stretch me.  Because I would have to jump off a platform and swing/slide all the way down.  I wanted to do it.  However, to get up there you have to climb the wall first.

I know the climbing wall takes a ton of physical strength.  You really have to use all of your arms and legs to propel yourself up the wall.  I was not sure I could physically do it.  I honestly did not think I had the physical strength to lift my full body weight up it.  I mean really, that is 300 lbs to be lifting.  But I was willing to try it.  For the zip line.

So I hook in and walk up to the wall and I can’t even get one leg up on a peg.  It was like a really high step up with no downward leverage to assist.  Dang, I am not gonna be able to do it!  Well, this really nice staff person says, “wait…let me get a box for you to step on, that will get you started.”


She proceeds to pull out a cheap Rubbermaid like tote.  Plastic. My thoughts on this?

THAT is not meant to hold a 300 lb woman.   I actually voiced this thought to her but she assured me that it would.

OK.  So far these people have not lied to me.

They told me the harness would fit.  It did.

They told me the ladder would hold.  It did.

They told me the wires and ropes would hold.  They did.

They told me that I would not fall to the ground while my balayer went up.  I did not.

So I trusted this woman, despite my better judgement, and I stood on the plastic tote.

It broke.

Very quickly I began to un-hook myself.  I was done.  Mortified.  I just wanted away from that scene as quickly as possible!  I should have listened to my own inner voice that said…that box will not hold you, Kim!

Travis, (see previous post) pipes in and says…”if you give me two seconds to finish this, I will give you my knee.  I promise it won’t break.”

Umm no thanks. Break a box, I am embarrassed, but the box is replaceable and cheaply so.  If I break his knee…not so easy to fix or replace and certainly not inexpensive.

I am done. I unhooked.  Took off the harness and went and played games with my lovely teenagers who seemed to think nothing of this event and who either by wisdom or oblivio, never said a word about it!

I am going to go against my better judgement again and actually share the photos from the Grapevine.

Climbing The Pole

Climbing The Pole

45 Feet In The Air...Freaking Out!

45 Feet In The Air...Freaking Out!

Coming Down

Coming Down

Yeah, harnesses are not the most attractive apparel.  They seem to accentuate all the faults and imperfections.

In other news…soon you will hear a voice besides mine…one of the people I speak often of because of the impact he often has on me and my journey is going to be writing a guest blog post.  So stay tuned for who and what he will be writing about!  I am sure it will be great!


11 thoughts on “Climbing Wall

  1. Sometimes people can just not wrap their minds around 300 pounds! I’ve had people assure me that something would hold me after looking at me, and then when I say, “Are you sure? I weigh over 300 pounds”, they shamefacedly admit that the item’s top limit is 220 pounds!

    I still think you are extremely brave!

    • yes, some people don’t get it…and other times our fears are unfounded and not based on truth…the trick is to learn to decipher when it is what!

  2. Girl you tried it.. How many can even say that! I am not even sure I would have attempted it. really you should write a book!

  3. Okay, I am super impressed. Not only did you do a ropes course, but you attempted the wall. Wow! That’s A LOT to do when you weren’t really planning on doing any of it. I love it! You are awesome Kim. =)

    • I should clarify before that pedestal you have me on gets any higher. I did ONE HALF of an element on a ropes course that had like 5…and got ONE foot on a climbing wall…see not so hard anymore 🙂 heheh I also have to admit…there had been conversation about the possibility of the team being able to do this since before we got there at least amongst me and Jason and Aaron and I…so I can’t say I had NO forewarning!!

  4. Back when I was around 440, I was eating Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house. As there were a lot of guests, I was sitting on one of those flimsy plastic patio chairs.

    I leaned back and the back 2 legs snapped. I fell to the ground in front of everyone – I was so embarrassed.

    • Will, I read this and could literally FEEL the embarrassment you must have felt. I refuse to sit in those things, ever since that happened to me once at a BBQ in front of a guy my mom and his mom was trying to hook me up with!!

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