Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 1 Results

Hey everyone,

This is the first official posting of results for the weigh in for the Summer Challenge.  I myself have not even weighed in yet as I am travelling once again.  It is my mission this week to find a scale in GR to use since I will be here for 3 weeks.

However of those that reported their weigh in we have 2 people who have just done phenomenally well this week.

Lina came in with a 1.93% loss followed by Anne with a 1.58% loss.  Weigh (yes I know I spelled that wrong) to go ladies!!!

We had 4 others report in.  3 of whom lost weight and 1 who stayed the same.  Great job guys!!

If you forgot, you can still send me your results or just jump back in next week!

Talk to you all soon….I have much to say…as usual…but have little time to say it right now!


7 thoughts on “Between Season’s Summer Challenge Wk 1 Results

  1. Only 6 people sent in their weight? I am kinda shocked, there were so many that commented on the post about starting this. Maybe everyone is just busy this week.

    Thanks Kim, for taking time to post the results!

    Congrats Lina and Anne, those are good losses. 🙂

    • Lisa,

      I was not able to send out a reminder until Tuesday night…not worries…I know I am crazy busy this week….I have much to blog about and no time!

  2. I haven’t been doing well so not sure how the next WI will go. Stress and PMS suck! Way to go everyone else.

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