Who Are You?

I started my blog 1 year ago and truly only a handful of people knew about it and at first I posted very infrequently.  Ok the real truth is, I wrote twice, felt vulnerable, and didn’t write again for several months…5 to be exact.

Now I write all the time.  This really has become a journal for me.  You all have come to know my inner thoughts about food.  My struggles to lose weight and to exercise.  You know how easily I can get off track and be distracted.  You know my struggles to fully feel and engage my emotions.  You know some of my closest friends who have journeyed with me.  You have seen pictures of me running (ok being dragged) in a swimsuit at over 300 lbs. You know the sweet victory of finally getting below 300.  You know some of my story of sexual abuse and you know something significant of my relationship with God. You know the joy I get from being able to run and were there reading about it after I ran the first time.  You know my love for my beloved GR and my longing to be back there. You know the amazing relationships I have out there, some of you have asked if you could have my friends!

You know alot.  But what you don’t know is I am a GEEK!  Big time nerd right here and I am a stalker!

Let me explain.

Down in the lower right-hand corner of my blog you will see a box with numbers in it and perhaps the words “Expert-counter”.  That is my handy little blog tracking device.  It tells me how many new people come to my blog each day.  When I click on it and log in, it gives me more information.  It tells me how many of the visitors that day were repeat visitors, how many times my blog page was loaded, and it also tells me the country from which a reader is from.  It tells me if someone found me as a result of a google search and if so under what search terms.  (Now that is fascinating!  Someone found me while looking for “beautiful assess”-I think they meant asses….but they got my ever shrinking rear instead and this blog post! or perhaps this one!  What a shock or perhaps a surprise for them….hmmm wonder if they came back!)  This tracker tells me the average length of time someone looks at my page and it tells me if someone clicked on any links…or went beyond the first loaded page. i.e looking at progress pictures etc.

I love all of this information.  It is fascinating to me that my blog page has been loaded over 1200 times, just since I moved it to wordpress.  Page loads is different than visitors mind you…but still. That is a lot of page loads!  However, all of this info does cause me a little bit of frustration.  In addition to all of this it also gives me the IP address that someone comes from, which I can then use to do an IP address search and find out the general area  that someone is from.  I know there are some who have this blog on an RSS feed and it goes to their google reader.  I know there is one IP address from Canada that comes back daily!  I love Canada.  If I can’t live in GR I would want to live in Canada!  So you, whoever you are, I am most curious about!  There are many who come back often, (I have come to recognize IP addresses)…and for some reason, although I have not really told many people that I know in GR about my blog, there seems to be an increase in IP addresses from there!  I have had visitors from Japan, Ireland and the Phillipines….as well as at least half of the states in the US….seriously?  (it may be more, I have not looked up EVERY IP address…only those that seem to keep coming back!

See I told you I was a stalker!  All this does is make me curious though.  Who are you?  What is your story?  Why do you read my blog?  Where are you from?  How did you find my blog in the first place? Why do you come back, if you do?  Do you have a blog as well?  If you haven’t figured out by now from reading my blog…I am a relational person.  I get mighty curious about people and their stories.  Not knowing who you all are, but knowing just enough to know some of you, ok many of you keep coming back…really REALLY makes me curious and sort of makes me wonky!  If you don’t believe me…ask Aaron.  We have talked about this!

So if you dare to be known on a much smaller scale than I have dared to be known…answer me this and satisfy my yearning to know you.  Who are you and why do you come?


10 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. You forgot to mention South Africa! You already know me, since I’m a regular! I love your blog and am always encouraged by you… I’ll just keep on visiting!

    • I knew you would because you my friend are jsut as big a nerd as I….fortunately you are one whose IP addresses I KNOW!!! 98.185…hehehe so I know when you visit even if you don’t comment!

  2. Oh man!!! I thought I was curious before….!!!! Now that I have posted the challenge I have had 73 page loads so far today….and it is making me MORE curious about all of these people!!!

  3. I may be a stalker myself Kim….I could stay on your pge for hours and not get bored. I love your posts and I constantly check to see what is going on with you. You probably don’t realize how much of an inspiration you have been t me.

    By the way- I love the picture of you running. Now I know that I am not the only big-girl out there running. I was so scared people would think I looked funny so it took me forever before I would go to the park and run. They don’t seem to look at me any different than any other runner. 🙂 Did you catch that? “RUNNER”….omg, me, I am a RUNNER!!!! Wow, that sounds good. Who would have ever thought it….no one that knows me.

    You really do inspire me….keep up all the great posts so one day all us big girls can be healthy, strong, little girls kicking butt!!!

  4. I just found your blog on Jason’s page. We share a similar journey and I have a blog; I’m just getting started. Strength in numbers! Thanks for sharing your story, you’re now on my google reader! 🙂

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