Not The Right Direction

This week was another gain.  2 weeks in a row now and sadly I was and am happy that it was only .5 a pound.  I was anticipating worse.

The last four days was spent with family.  Fri and Sat were spent at funeral events fro Aunt Ginny…where we ate.

Sun and Mon were spent grilling and beaching and just having fun.

The whole last week I was completely unmotivated to exercise.

I have no known reasons for this.  Despite it being a very disappointing/sad week, I was completely aware of the emotional stuff going on and was not doing the mindless eating stuff I used to do.

But for some reason, I was unmotivated on any front to do what I needed to do to make a loss happen.  In reality even during the last four days of family events, I cannot say I overate…but I didn’t choose the better options and I didn’t exercise on top of it.

It is a new week again, with new choices to be made. Here I go…

In other events, I did attempt a lake swim while at the beach yesterday, in preparation for the 4th of July Tri against Coach…ummm I am in trouble!

1.  The water was FREEZING once we got out in the water far enough to not touch bottom any more.

2.  Ugh I cannot stand swimming through seaweed!  If I am gonna sink in the water, it is gonna be because I am panicking because I am touching seaweed!  My little cousin Gage and I turned back once we started swimming through seaweed.

I will stick to pools or lakes I KNOW don’t have seaweed in them.


8 thoughts on “Not The Right Direction

  1. Bummer about the weight gain. But, you didn’t emotional eat. And that’s good. So – woohoo to you!

    Ahhh, swimming through seaweed. I remember being “dared” to swim from the shore to the dock through the weeds one summer by my summertime guy friends at the lake I grew up on. I did it, of course, because it was a dare and I wanted to be cool with the guys. But, after that summer, I didn’t do it again. It’s ICKY!

    • You are the perfect cheerleader Alicia…move back to Mi and live with me please!!

      I can handle a little seaweed. But when my arms and legs start getting tangled in it with every stroke, I am done! The random floating piece or the occassional tall stalk…that is ok…but NOT this madness!

  2. I just pictured myself in a little skirt with pom-poms following you around and cheering. LOL! Let’s do it!

    • Oh man…can you imagine us living together!!! We could have dinner parties all the time!! AND you would SOOO LOVE my friends in GR…cuz you know that is where we would have to live right?!?!? Oh my goodness…my how they would love you!!!

  3. Oh I hope you can forgive me for nor visiting you more 😦 I do miss posting, even though I do read and check out your blog daily 🙂 So maybe you can forgive me 🙂
    We all have or off weeks. As you know that’s just part of what makes this journey a real learning experience. What matters is that even though you gained a little bit you are still at it working hard, learning from your mistakes and what’s really important is that you are NOT giving up. If you did I would have to book a flight to MI and have an intervention.
    Swimming as you know is my week area as well and having seaweed being a hindrance I know can be a pain. You did swim though and that’s to be commended. I am so proud of you on some many levels. Keep up the great work and I can hardly wait to see how you do in July and of course all the pictures.

    • Oh Rob, nothing to forgive! Glad you comment when you have time. Your primary focus has to be your health, not blogging!

      Hmmm I wonder how I can stage a “give up” jsut so you would book a flight so I could meet you…. 🙂

      Hey you probably left already, but I posted a summer challenge! Hope you join and help spread the word!

      umm pictures…yeah we will see about that!!

  4. Ooh, you tempt me. And, I would love to meet all your friends of course! I can even play Rock Band. Heh heh.

    • Next time you are in Michigan…perhaps around Christmas time…I will introduce you too a few of them…and then you will be tempted to leave your gorgeous CALI to come back to GR!!!

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