You Can’t Stop Me…You Can Only Hope To Contain Me…

Coach and I This past weekend I was back in GR and decided to run around Reed’s Lake.  I checked with ABS, who rides around the lake all the time, so I would know the route and distance before hand.  He told me the course was a little hilly, that I would encounter one killer hill, and that it was 4.2 miles.   I can do that. I think.

As I left Aaron’s house, on my way to the lake, I told him what I was about to attempt to complete.  I said, I hope I can do it!  His response…what is the alternative? It is a circular route!  Touche!

I headed out and also let Coach know what I was gonna do.

To make a short story a little less drawn out, here is the deal.  I did it.  Slightly hilly?  My ass!  There were many hills, some of them the kind you barely notice, except you can’t figure out why it is soo hard!  I ran 75% of the way up one of these and was quite proud of myself, that I didn’t walk until it got steep…and I thought that was the killer hill ABS had warned me about.

Then I rounded a corner and saw a hill from hell!  I walked it!

I ran probably 75% of the whole route, until the last mile, I was only taking one minute rest breaks to walk.  The last mile I walked most of it.  The wind was hitting me in the face and I was done.

When I got back to my car, my pedometer said 5 miles. Hmmmm  Who is wrong? ABS and his google map? or the pedometer?

Coach says my pedometer is accurate. SWEET!!  I ran most of 5 miles!

MapMyRun says 4.3 miles.  Here is a map of the route I ran!


After this run, I had a conversation with Coach.  He has been deluded to believe that I am “hard core”.  He has this quote he got from some garbage man commercial (blog title) that he now says is mine to own.  “You can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me!”

He says Reeds Lake is a more difficult course to run and that because I am so hard core now, I no longer get to be coddled or encouraged.  From him, I will only get smack talk.  You know….things like, “Is that all you got?” and “What are you bringing today?”  (Good thing I have more than just him in my life!)

hmmm…this secretly pleases me.  But don’t tell him that! 🙂  It is a whole new level of fitness…

However, I think he is slightly intimidated.   I have a team set up to race in a triathlon on July 4th. Coach is competing as well, but doing the whole thing by himself.  He does NOT want to lose to us! Me- the gonnabe athlete, Aaron-who runs marathons with no training! (once), and Marissa- who has 2 whole minutes on his mile and is less than half his age (13)! (YES, this is my OWN version of smack talk going down…knowing full well he will read this!)

The truth though is this.  He underestimates how much time he will have on my team, just from our time differential in the water.  The man is a fish!  A really strong swimmer!  We will see….


More evidence of being hard core.

I am losing a toe nail.  When I started doing all that walking for my Census job, combined with more running, one of my toenails got all sensitive…and red.  I read about this.  It is called Runner’s Toe.   Now, my one toenail, is detaching from the nail bed and dying.  Guess I will have to keep my toenails painted so I don’t mess with it and pull it off before it is ready!  Again, I am secretly pleased with this!  Real athletes have stuff like this happen to them, not fat chicks pretending to be an athlete.   Guess I am not pretending anymore, eh?

And the bonus…my toenails look all pretty and feminine and girly-like!


12 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop Me…You Can Only Hope To Contain Me…

  1. Okay, I am SUPER impressed with your run. Five miles?! Goodness, you really ARE a runner. Not that I doubted that you were before, but it’s like you said: you’re hardcore. You’ve crossed the line baby! And that’s a good thing.

  2. I love the runners toe comment, hilarious and your true zest and dedication is awesome. Check out my site, we are on the same path sister!

  3. I was going to ask you what you were doing in my old gym! My old gym looks exactly like that!

    Ouch on the toenail! I know it probably doesn’t hurt you, but it hurts my sensibilities. Is that what I can look forward to? Toenails that come off? I’ll just keep them very, very short!

    I’m so impressed with your run! You really are hardcore!

    • Hanlie, Yes look forward to it with pride! It doesn’t hurt…and if it does, there are non-painful ways of relieving the pressure (read the article)

      Mine are very short! But that will help! Don’t worry though, they will grow back!

  4. You are totally hard core. I, myself, am a walker, not a runner. Every once in a great while I say that I’m going to declare myself a runner, understanding that it will take training to get to this point. I started again last week. I ran to 3 mailboxes and couldn’t breathe anymore. I walked the rest of the way and my legs still felt like noodles the next two days! I am amazed at you runners and your stamina.

    • Stamina??? What’s that? I think for me it is a need to keep upping the ante to keep from getting bored as well as a desire to do whatever it takes to get this weight off as quick as possible. Running helps….huge calorie burner!

      You can do it Sara….one mailbox at a time…that is the way to start!

  5. I am quite impressed and so proud of you. What an improvement in your physical self and also your mental self as well. My have we grown.That’s ment to be a positive thing 🙂
    With all that you have going on what you did was awesome. Keep up the great work and I can hardly wait to see how you all do in your triathlon. Way to go my friend.
    What an inspiration you are!

    • Rob! I love when you comment! I must win against Coach, especially with all my smack talk…and as he says…”playing dirty” by stacking my team with a 13 yr old runner! 🙂


  6. Hey Kim. I stop by here and read a lot, but haven’t commented in a while because life has been totally nuts. You are doing so great! If I ever need a little push in the right direction or something to give me inspiration, this is where I come. keep it up! Go Team Hard Core!!!! Woot! Kick some butt!

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