The Crazy Things My Mother Says…

Story #1

Tonight, I was going to go running on the lovely State Park Trails by my house, which happens to be mom’s favorite fishing site.  So I invited her along.  She could get some fishing in, I could get my run in, we would both get out of the house.

She pulls in to the parking lot which is by the River and at the last second says…

“OH I need to park in the handicapped spot!”

OK, Let me lay out this place for you a bit.  We are the only car in the lot. In the first row of spots, every space is equal distance from the river, which was about 30 feet!  I kindly pointed this out to her.  It doesn’t matter where you park, you are walking 30 feet no matter what.

She looks at me and says this.

“Yes, but if I park in the handicapped spot, you are much closer to the hiking trail you are going to be on.”

Huh?? I am pretty sure I was clear that I was coming here to RUN!  Thirty feet from the trail entrance or 100 feet, is not going to make a difference to me!

I pointed this out to her as well.  We both laughed at the ridiculousness of her statement and her actions!  I went off and ran 3 miles in my fastest time yet.  45 minutes!  Woot!  Keep in mind Iam still run/walking…but I am getting longer and longer in my running stretches.  I think I did 3/4 of a mile in one stretch running tonight!  On the way back I realized why it seemed so easy!  It was slightly downhill!  It wasn’t so easy on the way back!

Story #2

Mom was watching Dancing With The Stars last night when I walked in to the living room.  On the screen was this beautiful young girl dancing with who I think is the hottest pro dancer out there…Tony Dovolani.  Not to mention he is Albanian and I just have a heart for Albanians, particularly those from Kosovo, which I think he is!

Anyway, back to the story. Mom says, “you know this young girl is quite a chubby little dancer.  I think she is the chubbiest I have seen but she seems to be doing quite well.  I don’t understand it!”

I look again at the screen to get a closer look at who she is talking about.  I see a short young girl, who is extremely muscular.  Her back is RIPPED.  Her thighs are all MUSCLE and I realize she is talking about Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics!  CHUBBY!?!?!  I think NOT!

“Hey mom, do you know who that is?”

“Well her name is Shawn something but no, she is supposed to be a celebrity, but I don’t know who she is.”

“Mom, she is 17 years old.  She just won the gold medal in gymnastics last year in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  She is not chubby or fat or even close to it.  She is solid muscle!!  Her cheeks are probably all muscle!  She can flip her body around on uneven bars like nobodies business.  You can’t do that without an incredible amount of strength!”

“oh, well I think she looks chubby.”

Always gotta be right, she does… 🙂

It is a good thing I am learning now to not take my body image queues from mom.  If she thinks Shawn Johnson is fat at her total 90 LBS of solid muscle…what will she think of me when I weigh 150, with half as much muscle? If that!  If I take her queues, I would be doomed forever!  Gotta laugh at the mom and her perspectives sometimes!

Have a great weekend folks, I am gonna finish packing for my latest trip to my beloved GR.  Busy weekend ahead and I HAVE to make time to get my runs in…it is always a challenge when I travel, always a challenge…..ADAM!!! I am coming for a run with you on Saturday!!!  Be ready or Beware!!!!


8 thoughts on “The Crazy Things My Mother Says…

  1. That is funny!

    Your mom reminds me a bit of mine… She says things that can really hurt. I had to put some distance between us in order to get stronger, so that I’m not so badly affected by her. Now I can handle her in medium doses…

    • The kicker is, she has no idea…so I chalk it up to being somewhat funny…guess that is my way of distancing/disconnecting somewhat from it.

    • 🙂 glad you enjoyed them…I have been chuckling about these things since they happened…Mom doesn’t know about the blog…but I did tell her that I was telling my friends teh handicapped parking story!

  2. Your mom sounds like a real character. 🙂 Isn’t it something….they used to laugh at the things we said and done but now we are laughing at the things they say and do. Funny how that works. I really enjoyed those stories- keep em’ coming…she’ll never know. 🙂

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