Halfway Goal Dress!

Today, JG and I went shopping for Mother’s Day gifts.  I found something for me!

Historically, I have always disliked shopping.  Particularly clothes shopping.  I always left stores feeling terrible.  Nothing ever fit quite right…either it was far too big, or far too small.  And even if it did fit, I still felt horrible.  I never felt like I had a good sense of fashion or what looks good or colors that would go well together.  Yet, if I saw an outfit on someone I would think things like “oh man, I love that outfit, wish I could pull something like that off!”

My friend Jeanne is one such person.  She is always wearing something fantastic without necessarily looking like she was all dressed up all the time.  I think, when I get closer to my goal weight, I am gonna enlist her to help me with a wardrobe makeover.  ( I think she reads this blog, so get ready Jeanne!) I think if I take her along and Aaron too (who is a fantastic dresser and loves to shop), I might come back looking pretty doggone good! 

Anyway, let me get back to my first line of this entry.  Today I found this really cool dress.  I sooo wished they had it in my size now…except even then, my body now would NOT do this dress justice. But it was dirt cheap!  SO I got it…I think when I am at my halfway point, this is gonna be one heck of a dress…I am super excited!  Soooo….I came home….and put it on….

Yes, I can get it on…but like I said….doesn’t look good yet.  But soon my friends…soon.

Here is a sneak preview me…imagine a good 50-70 lbs lighter!  Maybe my hair a tad redder!

Halfway Goal Dress

Halfway Goal Dress

Things to note:

Dress will be longer when it fits right.

Note the beginnings of a waist for me!

Note the beginnings of a longer-ish neck.

Disregard the messy hair!

Note the smile!

I think I might one day be able to understand, appreciate and even participate in my female friends’ shopping addictions!

Shopping on the road….


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