Coach and Adam: You’ve Been Replaced!

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Double Cheetah

Double Cheetah

Tonight, my youngest brothers’ two children are spending the night.  They wanted me to go to the park with them, but I knew I needed to get a run in because tomorrow will be a long walking day. 

They decided they wanted to go with me but would ride their bikes.   At the last minute they decided to ditch the bikes and wanted to run.  I was somewhat nervous about this.  While I wanted to spend time with them, I did not want my workout to get cut short because they couldn’t make it.  My plan was almost 3 miles and I had no idea what they could do.

I had no reason to be nervous.  The question quickly went from can they keep up with me and go the distance? to…Can I keep up with them?!??!?!

Wes, who has nicknamed himself Double Cheetah is fast! 

We started out walking.  My plan was to walk for about 5 minutes before running. Double Cheetah did not wait. He took off running within 200 feet of our front door.

I am a competitor.  I could not NOT run!

I took off, running as hard and fast as I could, trying to catch him.  It was hopeless.  I was spent within 200 feet and had to walk again.

We went on this way for the next 1.5 miles.  Me, just catching him when we were walking and one of us taking off running and him always getting 100 yards ahead of me super quickly with no hopes of me catching him.

On the way back, Kenzie decided we needed to do challenges. 

Challenge 1.  Run as fast and hard as you can for as long as you can.  If you are no longer running your fastest, then you can walk.—I lasted about 100 yards.  Double Cheetah lasted about .25 mile.  Kenzie lasted about 300 yards.

Challenge 2. See how fast we can run this block and who gets there first. This was proposed by the Cheetah who wins every time.  I always lost.

Challenge 3. Run backwards for a block.  Yeah right!  Run backwards my bu….  Oops the Cheetah just fell on his tailbone and is crying.  Challenge over, noone wins or loses. Shake it off buddy, shake it off!  (Secretly, and after I knew he was ok, I was glad he fell…it ended a challenge that would have likely ended with ME on my butt!!!)

Challenge 4.  Run sideways for a block.  You can switch sides, but you must run sideways the whole time.  OUCH!!!!

Challenge 5.  Walking Lunges for a block (my suggestion, I could DO this one!)  I won, they gave up.  Sweet Victory!  I needed ONE ,at least, so I wouldn’t feel completely defeated!

Challenge 6. Walking lunges while raising arms above your head (as if lifting weights) while in the down position. Kenzie’s suggestion…not a bad idea….who knew a 9 yr old would have such a great workout idea!

My goodness…when will this end?!?!?!

Challenge 7.  Skipping race for a block. My Gosh…I have not SKIPPED for years.  This is quite the workout…but does nothing to quiet the fat slap!!!  Thank God JS called to talk about GAP.  A great reason to stop!!(we were just about home anyway)  Although he had to deal with my heavy breathing in his ear for the first 5 minutes of our conversation.  Sorry JS!

SO….so much for can the kids keep up with me?  They are worse than having Jillian Micheals for a trainer and worse than running with Coach or Adam.  While running with them, they would go a little faster than I wanted to go to push me….but these kids had no idea of what a little bit is…they just all out do their thing and expect me to keep up…I am not sure I will take them on a run with me again… 🙂  But for today, my regular boys have been replaced by a 7 and 9 yr old!

On the road….


4 thoughts on “Coach and Adam: You’ve Been Replaced!

  1. This one made me laugh really hard! You probably had one of your best workouts ever. Omigosh! Hahahhaha! I can imagining you skipping and laughing and it makes me smile.

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