Notes To Self…

1.  No matter how much walking you are doing, never let 2 weeks pass between runs.  It is that much more painful and ridiculously hard if you do.

2.  Now that spring is officially here, wear bug spray when running in the woods.  Should you choose not to wear bug spray, wear a net of some sort.  If neither are available, prepare to be eaten alive.  If you have an aversion to being eaten alive, you can always try to outrun them.  Good Luck with that!

3.  When running in the woods, near a river, gnats are in abundance. Run with your mouth closed at all times.  Inhale through your nose and exhale the same way.  Lest you swallow a fly.  Or a swarm of them.  (Gnats may be in abundance in other places, I just happened to be by a river.)

4.  When running on trails, know thy trail.  And stick to it.  It is not a wise move to turn every time the path splits just because the “other” trail looks more interesting.  Follow this rule, unless you are with someone else. The trails are marked in loops for a reason, so people don’t get lost!  Be adventurous with someone else and not by yourself!!

5.  Know basic lost in the woods rules.  Isn’t there some girl/boy scout rule about keeping the river on your right? or left? or something?  What is it?  I must know what it is.  Please.

6.  All the breaking of twigs and rustling in the trees/bushes is 90% of the time some critter scurrying around.  The other 10%, it is a fisherman trying to find a good fishing spot.  Quit freaking out and jumping at every *snap*.  It is NOT some man stalking you to make you his prey.

7.  While at the State Park, no matter how lost you feel, a fisherman is only a scream away. (see #6) If necessary, scream loud, they will come help you, I am certain of it.  (No I did not have to test this theory and hope I never do, but in reality, I was never very far from the river which is loaded with fisherman.  They gotta be close!

That’s all I got out of my run today besides 553 calories burned and 3.59 miles walk/ran. 

On the road…or trail….


8 thoughts on “Notes To Self…

  1. The post was so funny. I needed a good laugh today! I only have to worry about rattlesnakes and scorpions where I live.

    You might ask for a GPS to keep from getting

    Thanks for kind comment you left on my blog. It was appreciated!

    • I think a GPS would be great to give me coordinates of where I am to call a rescue team, but because the trails themselves don’t show up on a map, am not sure how that would help!

      Glad you could laugh! Rattlesnakes and scorpions? I will take fisherman laden forests anyday!

  2. In our part of the world a woman can’t go anywhere on her own anymore… You’re very fortunate to be able to run in the woods!

    Fun post!

  3. Great Notes to self. Plus you must add if running out in the sun, don’t forget the sunscreen. 🙂 We are lucky the in Las Vegas there aren’t many bugs to attend too so that is not a concern. But you are right in that you should be familiar about were you are running. Oh, I though of another not to self.. if running a lone you should always tell someone were you’ll be running, just in case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
    Nice to hear that you got a run in. I miss running. My knees just aren’t up to it yet. I know once I lose more weight the easier it will be though.

    • RUn in teh sun? That is a ridiculous idea…that is why I head for the forest….shade to run in!! But yes, if you msut, wear sunscreen.

      Yeah, Mom knew where I was running…state park trails…would have been more helpful if I said…State Park trails…The Blue trail or the red trail…then STAYED ON IT…instead of venturing onto the unmarked trails!!!

      You will run again ROb…just go with what you can for now…and don’t beat yoruself up about it!

  4. I got a great visual of you trail running while reading this post. So fun! And–#3? Found myself spitting (which completely grosses me out) the other day on a run when an army of gnats flew right into my mouth. YUCK-O. Fun post!

    • Thanks Teresa! I was hoping others woudl find it fun! I swallowed quite a few as well…and am trying NOT to scrath all my mosquito bites today!

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