Provision, More Grace, and Friendships

I know, I have not been blogging specifically about weight loss, but all of this stuff I have been blogging about affects my heart.  When my heart is not doing so well, I eat differently than when it is doing well…so in reality, it all affects my weight loss in some way.  Besides, this blog is about whole health!

Over the years there have been many people that have come into my life.  Some have stayed for a short time and made a difference.  Others have come, made camp and remain…and have made and continue to make a difference.  When I meet someone and begin a relationship with them, I never know what kind of relationship this is gonna be.  The short term or the forever kind.

Here are some examples:

Coach- met him when he was a small group leader of mine in a training I participated in. Who knew that approximately 5 years later, we would be the friends we are today, that his words would often impact me hugely or that he would have become one of my greatest champions and I his!

Aaron- met him at the same training I met Coach at, but he was a rather quiet sort, and well he was NOT in my small group so I didn’t really get to know him.   Didn’t really give him much thought.  Until I was on a team for a training he participated in, then eventually we were on a team together.  Thus began our friendship.  Again, who knew that he would become who he is in my life today!

Adam- for the longest time, several years in fact, he was just Aaron’s little brother. Now he is like mine!

JG, Weez, and Clacker- 1994, freshman in college.  Me, not a lover of Jesus, but they were. My life changed the moment I met them!  Today, we have each others backs, any time, day or night!

ABS-Met him at a training, knew of him for years, and asked him to help me with my TBL video this year.  He was supposed to be my filmmaker and only my filmmaker.  He has become my friend and a provision for me in my healing journey.  During the making of my movie, he has challenged me out of my comfort zone more times than I can count.  He continues to do this in so many ways as he encourages me to put my video out for the world to see and in the conversations we have.  I hope this one becomes a forever friend. 

Random man #1- There was this random man at Retelling, the first time I went there.  I do not remember his name, but I see his face and specifically his eyes…He had very kind eyes, the kind I imagine Jesus had.  He had a gentleness about him.  His words and his eyes, spoke peace to me when I was incredibly anxious!  Short term, highly impactful, incredibly gracious!

Random Man #2- I went to a free coffee house with ABS one night.  This is a place of ministry to the people on the west side of GR.  So all sorts come in here.  I met many people that night, but one man stands out.  He was a man, (perhaps ABS knows his name), who was not the best dressed, had a “old” smell to him, and was definitely NOT the sort I would normally feel comfortable with.  He introduced himself to me. Soon we were talking about the artwork that hung on the walls. HE made some of it and he was quite excited about it. The thing that struck me about him, was that he did not seem to have the social walls (often called boundaries) put up that would keep people out.  He was friendly and despite his obvious “needs” (at least to me), he had a joy about him that was infectious and genuine.  He had a passion for creating something out of colors that could hang on a wall and perhaps bring joy to someone else.  I want his wall-lessness.  His joy.  His infectiousness.

I could go on and on, listing people in my life…but I think you get the idea. When you meet someone, you just never know the significance they will hold in your life, even if they are there for only the briefest of moments. I am finding that Jesus shows up in every interaction, every relationship.  The question is, will I choose to see Him?  Will I choose to step into the discomfort and awkwardness that sometimes shows up? If I do, there is great provision and grace for me.

As I walk this road…


4 thoughts on “Provision, More Grace, and Friendships

  1. JG, Weez and Clacker. Sounds like some sort of kitchen gadget. Your posts are forever a hoot, I love them all.

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