I Love This Young Man!

I came home tonight after a 12 hour day of walking/working…(11.84 miles and 1800 odd calories burned) to find my home riddled with 5 small children, a not so small child, and a grumpy mom who volunteered to have ALL of them over for the day/night knowing I would NOT be home to help.

Anyway, I was cold, tired, hungry and in need of a shower and had 8-900 calories left for the day at 9:30 at night!!

Sometimes I think I have gotten too good at eating lots of food for few calories.

But which need comes first…all the while needing/wanting to love on these precious children.

Food won after a few hugs and kisses were passed around of course!

I quickly microwaved 2 hot dogs and was standing in the kitchen with a dog in each hand.  (Gosh this sounds soo bad…two fisting hot dogs!  I will have you know though, I did take one bite at a time.)  Truth be told, those precious children ate half of my dinner!! Oh well.

Back to my point…while standing in the kitchen two fisting my hot dogs and thinking I hope this is enough calories for the day, cuz I cannot imagine eating MORE…the not so small child (almost 9 yrs old) looks over at me.

He looks me up and down from head to toe (I cannot believe he has that look down at 8 yrs old) and says this:

“Dang! Auntie! You are …you are…”

I interrupted him to say this ” Gavin, listen here buddy, I have been gone for 9 hours and I am hungry…leave me alone!”

“But Auntie, I was gonna say…you are lookin’ GOOD!…I mean you are getting skinny!  umm umm how much weight have you lost?”  All the while he is roaming his eyes up and down checking me out!

Gulp! Oh! Ummm 51 Lbs buddy…51 Lbs…By the way…that is just about a whole Maddie (his sister).

nicest sweetest kid ever!

nicest sweetest kid ever!

oh and I got up to 1500 calories for the day…I know.  quit yelling at me already.  Not enough!  I will do better tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “I Love This Young Man!

    • He is a cutie isn’t he…He recently told me, reminded me actually, that I am allowed to get married now. But he has to approve the guy! Beware men, if you want me, you have to get past a very protective and discerning 9 year old! I should do a post about THAT! HA!

  1. I got to hear this story on the phone, wahoo me! That is one precious kid right there. What a vessel, opened up and poured out. Squeeze him for me!

    1,500 is takeable. Sure better than 1,200! How’s the gallon of water coming along?

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