Photo update and other ramblings

I think I look skinny here…ok skinny is relative…but seriously!
This shirt I am wearing here, I bought one week ago for a Rock Band Party, in which I wanted to dress in rocker attire! I think I did a decent job…hehehe or at least I had fun! The wig is an official Hannah Montana wig! Anyway, the point of pointing out the shirt is that I put the shirt on today since it was soo blazing hot outside and I have precious little to wear these days…and well…it is ALREADY getting looser on me! Woot! Woot!
I started my new job this week! Well, I started working outside of the training room anyway! I am officially a US Census Bureau Lister….which means I go around and systematically canvass every house in a given area and map every house, or what COULD BE a house! In 3 days I have walked 36 miles! Yes, I walked it! Today, I came home after 7 hours for a break and some lunch and was NOT sure I would be able to go back out…my feet were aching…surprisingly though after a bit of a break, I was able to go out and go pretty strong until almost 9 PM tonight! I am looking forward to not walking long distances for the next two days! Don’t worry Aaron and Coach, I will figure in some other kind of workout that does NOT include walking!
I had another random thought…but I am fading fast here…oh well….Oh yes….eating. I have been pretty good on eating…staying within calories…the only thing I am NOT doing is eating more regularly. I eat breakfast, at some point break and grab lunch, then when I get home at approx 9 I eat dinner….and not really factoring in snacks and things…
I am looking forward to seeing what all this walking does for me on Tuesday! Seriously, if this is not a 5 lb loss week I might be upset! I have noticed that by the end of the day, my hands and feet are swollen, so I know I am retaining water….I hope that doesn’t happen for the weigh in…any suggestions people on how to make that NOT happen? I am tempted to not work Monday…just to be sure that doesn’t happen…but then that will screw me for the rest of the week and it will end up being another week like this one…mass hours in a short time frame!
Ok Goodnight! Much to do before I sleep….much to do before I sleep!
Grrrrr…I hate how when I post pictures….my paragraphs disappear and it looks like one long run-on paragraph…..another reason to switch to wordpress!!! Soon friends…soon!

2 thoughts on “Photo update and other ramblings

  1. Yes, you do look skinny! I saw the pics and said “wow, Kim!” out loud. Good job my dear!

    Hope you are getting some much needed rest and time off your feet. Can you imagine how hard this job would be if you hadn’t already been working out? I couldn’t do it. My calf muscles would scream profanity at me if I tried all that walking in a week.

    So, once again, you have my ardent admiration and respect!

  2. That is absolutely amazing Kim. I know that I couldn’t do it. I get blisters so easily and my shins SCREAM at me. Anyway…you look awesome…and you are doing an awesome job. Drink PLENTY of water…with all that walking you will need more than normal.

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