Anticipation…and other Thoughts

I am excited for my weigh in tomorrow, yet trying to not be overly so! I am 3.8 LBS from being under 300. So, if I lose 4 lbs this week….I will have a preceding 2 instead of a 3. I KNOW that this is completely possible. I have worked out 4 days this week. I have eaten well and within calorie ranges the whole time. I have not gone off track at all since Last Monday(ok, I might have gone a little over on Saturday…I had some beer). 50 LBS was a huge milestone! This is another one!

While I really would love to hit this milestone this week, I know that it is also possible that I won’t. Not for lack of effort but simply because the body does strange things at times. SO basically, I am not expecting 4 lbs this week. I am not expecting to hit it….but man I sure am hoping!

In other news, I spent a lovely weekend in GR this past weekend. I had already been thinking about going, but then someone asked me how I was going to reward myself for my 50 lbs. There is no better reward at this point in the game for me than to spend time with my friends in GR. So I went! It turned out quite eventful!

Downtown Chalk Art Event– This was so much fun! I went with my friend Jonny D and we decided that a crime scene was in order to be drawn….by the police station and in an alley! But the best part was the camaraderie and sense of community as people from all walks and stations in life came together into the heart of this great city with one purpose…to cover the city streets in chalk! It was neat to walk down the streets, looking at the creations of others, to make eye contact with dozens of people and not simply exchange a terse nod or a “I don’t really care kind of hello” but rather to engage in conversation with strangers! I loved it!

Rock Band- A few friends gathered to play Rock Band. Yes I am 32 years old. I have never really been a huge video gamer outside of the original Super Mario Brothers that came out when I was 10 or so years old, but I LOVE this one! Probably because you really do play it TOGETHER! You laugh with and at those that you are playing with. I KNOW that I cannot sing Wanted Dead or Alive…and really shouldn’t attempt it…but in this atmosphere….who cares….it is all fun!

On Sunday I locked my keys in my trunk as I was loading my car and getting ready for church. Fortunately, kind Adam picked me up for church and I figured I would skip lunch with a few friends so I can make sure I get my car keys back in time to be back in Detroit for my 9 yr old nephews Baptism. Well, we ended up having lunch with friends…so lovely…then I went back to my car to figure that out.

To make a long story short…(as if that is possible for me) I got into my car but could not access the trunk. My trunk unlock button wouldn’t work. I can only assume it is because neither the key nor the remote opened the doors. I couldn’t climb through the back seats that DO fold down, because there is a release latch that needs to be pulled for them to fold down….which is in the trunk!

I was getting anxious now and thinking I would end up missing Gavin’s Baptism. This is my first nephew to be baptized and it is awesome how at 9 years old he decided on his own that he wanted to be….another long story…suffice it to say I really really did not want to miss this!

In the end…I had a superhero step in. Adam gave me his car for the night. I could make it….if I left super quickly and bring his car back today (Monday), at which time I would continue figuring out how to get into my trunk! Adam is the hero for the day! I am incredibly grateful for him and his generosity!

In the end, my keys are out of the trunk and I have a spare that will unlock my doors if I ever lock them in again! I think I am going to make another one…and keep one in GR with my friends there and one in Detroit. I don’t lose my keys…I just lock them in my car!!!

So that was my eventful evening. I will be posting soon about Dependence….as that is what God is being loud about these days and it had a spot lot put on it with this whole car key thing!

3 thoughts on “Anticipation…and other Thoughts

  1. Ahhhh I love reading your stories. I feel like I am there. (I wish I was!) You have the greatest circle of peeps, I smile until my cheeks hurt when I read about them and you and the wonderful support and fun you have. Rock it on sista, next time try mine…”Are you gonna be my girl” by Jett. It’s really hard! 🙂

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