Current Goal List!

My goal list widget is frustrating me. I can see it fine. I can check things off of it perfectly. As far as I have been concerned it was working fine. Except you all have no idea what my goals are….nor can you celebrate as I check things off, unless of course if I blog specifically about something.

So just so you have SOME idea of what is on there until I figure that out….here is my current complete list of goals. (I may end up moving my blog to wordpress if I cannot figure this and a few other things out!)

  • Lose 25 LBS COMPLETE
  • Lose 50 LBS COMPLETE!!!!!
  • Lose 75 LBS by June 12th
  • Lose 100 LBS
  • unpack and wear the smaller sizes COMPLETE
  • HAVE to buy new clothes ALMOST there…smaller sizes are getting me by
  • complete a ropes course
  • Do 2 legs of a triathlon
  • LOSE 125 LBS
  • Lose 150 LBS
  • Lose 175 LBS
  • Lose 200 LBS…reach maintenance level
  • Be able to borrow someone else’s clothes
  • Run 5K straight by end of summer 2009
  • Complete a full triathlon…by myself
  • Sweat Like Coach!
  • Wear Adam’s snow pants

And then of course there are the ones Adam added to my list for me. So these are Adam’s goals for me.

  • white water rafting/kayaking (sure why not!)
  • skiing with Adam-he says he will teach me!
  • solo sail around the world-I will not do this…unless I can take someone with me…too lonely!
  • go BASE jumping-umm no thanks
  • play rock band drums on expert (this will be checked off this weekend….fortunately he did not specify what % I needed to get correct!)
  • Play the trumpet- I have done this….in Jr. High…but he/I want to learn again…and then I have to play for him…I can do this!
  • do a flip off the diving board….YIKES…we will see
  • Clean the Medema Mansion-Been there done that…he is just trying to get out of chores!
  • do a handstand-he didn’t specify land or I say I this is COMPLETE!
  • go surfing
  • lay on a bed of nails- um no…you first
  • walk across burning coals- first Adam!
  • blow bubbles- Bubbles will be blown this weekend!
  • tight rope walk the Grand Canyon- as long as I can be harnessed in and have a rope above and below me…ok

3 thoughts on “Current Goal List!

  1. Boy how I love your goal lists. Not only are they realistic and long term, they are also fun and adventurous. I think I need to re access my goals as well. We all need goals that we can strive for. It’s what makes this journey run smoother and it helps us to stay focused on what are ultimate goals is, which is to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle for the rest of our lives.
    Did you ever think about adding a page to your blog to list your goals. I know that I have trouble with some widgets and that’s why I add pages to add content like that. Just a thought. 🙂

  2. Rob, yes goals are a good thing…part of that vision I have told you about…as for pages…I can’t do that on blospot…which is why I am considering switching to wordpress. BUt I don’t want to do that until I figure it out. I actually have a page set up over there and have been playing with it. But I don’t like the layouts/colors as much and I can’t get my road pics up there as nicely…BUt I Do like the idea of pages for things like before nad after pics, goals, and quotes that keep me going!

  3. I uploaded one of my pictures at the top of my page. So…you should be able to over at wordpress. 🙂

    I love your goals too. I’m proud of you!

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