The big 5-0!

Well, it has been a crazy dark week. But Sunday I began making some actual progress on my climb out of a very steep, black hole and by Monday after a day of fasting was able to hoist my leg over the edge and just HANG ON!

I even managed to work out yesterday! Did a 2 mile run/walk (which I am sad to say I have not worked out in a little bit) followed by a lap of walking lunges….I have never done this, but figured I should try and do SOMETHING for a strength workout. My thighs BURNED!!!! Then I walked another couple laps until the track closed. I felt great and while I was tempted to go an nibble…just a bite of what mom made for dinner. I held strong to my fast. 1. Because i refused to give in ….again. 2. Because I HATE what mom made for dinner last night….it is the worst tasting and least healthy meal on earth! Thank God she didn’t make my favorite meal, it would have been harder to stand firm!

Today I woke up, rather grumpily and with a nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am not sure if the nausea was from not falling asleep until after midnight and having to be up at 6:30. Or because I was soo hungry from fasting. Or if it was nerves for my weigh in. I am thinking it was a combination of all 3 things. Regardless, I wen to my weigh in the whole way wondering if there is a way to legitimately procrastinate this…and yet not wanting to do that either. I stepped on the scale and was SHOCKED to see 303.8. A loss??? What???

“Hey scale! Do you know that umm I didn’t exercise but one day last week? or that I ate horribly and was constantly starting over?”

For the record the scale did not respond. I stayed on the scale an extra long time though because I kind of thought that maybe it just wasn’t done moving up. You know like maybe the numbers got stuck for a second and would keep moving again in a minute or so? Well if they were stuck, they were stuck good. I even got off and on again…just in case you know!

So, for the record. I must not have done as bad as I thought eating wise, despite the amount of battling inside. Perhaps I won more battles than I lost??? Sure didn’t feel like it…but I guess this is where the scale feedback comes in. I lost 3.2 lbs this week. and have officially reached my 50 LB milestone!

YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOORRAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Now, to get under 300…then on to 75 lbs! Can I do 75 by June 12th? (first wedding of the season?)


7 thoughts on “The big 5-0!

  1. YAY KIM! Way to go, girl! I’m proud of you for hanging in there and reaching this milestone. 75 by June 12th is totally doable. I’ll be rooting for you!

  2. I sure hope the scale didn’t talk back to you. That would mean that your crazier than I thought you were . That or you needed some more sleep 🙂
    Again and Again I am so so so PROUD of you for this new milestone that you achieved. What a way to start a week, even if you didn’t expect deserve the loss. It shows you what can happen when you least expect it. Perseverance is the way and it’s a quality you sure have.
    Now next week you’ll probably be under 300. God to love that feeling.
    You can do this and it’s showing… Keep it up girl…

  3. YAY!!! I’m so happy for you my dearest Kim. And, yes, I agree – you can make in to 75 by June 12th.

    HUGS from afar….

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