Reality Check!

AS I said in my last post, the last few weeks have been filled with travelling and not eating the best and not much exercise to even make up for it. I think the worst thing I did with my eating was to not eat as regularly as I should and skipping meals completely. It is because I skipped alot of meals that I know I did not go over calories.

My plan was to weigh in yesterday, but I got a later start leaving Grand Rapids….yes I always procrastinate my departure…and well, I don’t like to eat anything before I weigh in. So, it was noon before I even made it to Aaron’s office to deliver a coffee and say bye to him…and he very gently (as is his way) asked me if I was still planning not to eat until after I weighed in! (which would put my first meal of the day after 3 PM!). Nope, not planning to do that anymore…so I stopped and had lunch with Carol…then headed home. Of course, then I did not want to weigh in with food in me….do you see my procrastination???? I was very nervous about how bad my last few weeks were going to show on the scale!

SO this morning, I was procrastinating once again, but still moving towards getting ready to go out to weigh in when I received a text from Aaron…wondering where the scale update was!! All right! All right!! Already! I will move faster!

All that to say, I weighed in today for the first time since my gain of 1.4 lbs and found I had lost 2 LBS. I was quite surprised! I got off the scale and then got back on! It read the same thing! I couldn’t believe it! It is interesting….all my talk about how the scale is just a tool for feedback. Completely unbiased honest feedback…and yet I still fear it at times…guess that is one more idol that needs to keep being brought back down to the low place it deserves, even when it gives me numbers I like!

I am now .5 lbs from hitting 50 LBS!! Come on Tuesday!!! I am excited because on my weight loss ticker in my sidebar…I am now far enough away from my starting weight that you can read all 3 numbers…starting weight, current weight, and goal weight!! Before you wouldn’t have known there was a starting weight, then it overlapped it and didn’t know what it was!! Very fun!!


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